How To Use A Metal Detector

How To Use A Metal Detector: Its Correct Use And Varieties

Anyone would like to have his hands on a historical object or collect medieval coins if given a chance. Even just being outdoors with a metal detector in hand and discovering precious objects is fun itself. When you start using a machine, you must know about its do’s and don’ts. If you learn how to use a metal detector at first and then use it, fun in discovering objects are just on your way. Those who use metal detectors are mainly historians or collectors and are not in this for dollars. So, it is a must for them to educate themselves about its’ use, so that they get benefitted.

Go through the Instruction Manual

The safest way to learn how to use a metal detector is to go through the instruction manual. The manual consists of every detail for you. But every metal detector has some standard parts, and those are:

Start Metal Detecting

Modern metal detectors have preset detection modes. It makes the detector focus on specific objects. Some standard settings include jewelry, coins, relics, and types of metals. There is also a discrimination setting that will help you to filter objects that you do not want to be detected. Ground balance setting can save you much time in finding real treasure.
If your detector pings now and then while searching, it is due to the high level of iron content in the soil. So, ground balance settings let your detector ignore the specific level of iron in soil and help you find big objects. Now, if you are in a place with metal pipes underground, then a lower sensitivity detector is better for use.
Before starting actual detecting, bury some metal objects at various depths and let your metal detector do the work. It will allow you to find out the workability of the detector. A few basic kits for your metal detecting are durable gloves, headphones, digging tools, and coil covers. Coil covers prevent scratches or dents, which might reduce the effectiveness of the detector.
Headphones help to hear detector beep as it finds a signal, and digging tools are a must for taking out the objects from the ground. And gloves are the essential accessory to keep your hand safe.

Types of Metal Detector

In treasure hunts, mainly three types of metal detectors are used. They are:

VLF Metal Detectors –

Very Low-Frequency detectors are also known as induction balance detectors. To identify metal buried in the ground, it uses two coils to give out and receive magnetic field signals. It can do this at a shallow frequency. It emits a signal downward; if a metal is present, then it reacts to it and sends a message upward as detection is done.

PI Metal Detectors –

Pulse Induction detectors are less expensive and less common than VLFs. It uses magnetic pulses instead of frequency signals to detect metal in the ground. It can also detect metal that is buried deeper in soil than VLFs can.

BFO Metal Detectors –

Beat Frequency Oscillator metal detectors, or BFO is the cheapest and simplest type of detector. Beginners mainly prefer it. It has a simple way of finding metals using radio waves and magnetic fields. Due to its simplicity of use, it is considered less reliable than PI and VLFs.

Tips for using a Metal Detector

Tip 1. If you are using the metal detector for the first time, keep on searching longer than usual. It will help you find something amazing at the first go.
Tip 2. Try to buy the best detector in town if you can afford it. Because upgrading them in the future can cause more money.
Tip 3.  Avoid going to places with more people around. Because it might draw more attention and cause you a delay in detecting objects. It is better to start in your garden or backyard.
Tip 4.  Hunt for objects after a rain, as the ground is damp, it will let you find objects which are in depths. Cover up the holes after you dig up something, as it is not good to leave behind improper ground for others.
Tip 5.  Carry a bag with you to put objects into it as you dig them up.
Tip 6.  Keep the searching coil parallel to the ground while searching. And try not to discard any faint signal. Because metals buried deep might also give weak signals while they can become a treasure to be found.
Tip 7.  Go search around beaches because that is a place where many things are washed away, and many things arrive through the water. And keep a record of your findings that will help you to keep track of the places you have gone before.
Tip 8.  Areas which are covered in trash, are best searched with a smaller coil. The coil, which is not more than six inches, gives the best results.

The Best Metal Detector

The brands which you should look for in the market while choosing a metal detector are as follows:
Among the above brands, “Minelab” is having the most advanced technology. For beginners, “Garett” is the most popular. “Tesoro” is the classic-style, older version metal detectors. And some bestselling metal detectors you will find on Amazon are “Bounty Hunter Junior,” “Bounty Hunter Tracker IV,” and “Garrett Ace 250”.


It is vital to ensure at first that you are allowed to detect metal at the place where you are going to search. But it is more vital that you learn how to use a metal detector at first if you want to be a treasure hunter. A metal detector is nowadays utilized in the security factor of an area. So, using them as treasure hunting or as a hobby can be a good thing for many. Because it is always better to be useful than to sit idle in your free time or during a vacation. I hope this article helped you to know a few basics about the use and varieties of a metal detector.

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