How To Change Lawn Mower Blade: A Tricky Job Or An Easy One?

how to change lawn mower blade
Are you unhappy with the lawn maintenance and management of your home and tired of the daily hustle of clipping the lawn using slashers or weed pullers? Then there is a simple solution for you, buying a lawnmower. Lawnmowers can be of many types and are handy devices to cut off most types of grass and are very easy to use. Lawnmowers mostly run by gas or electricity, and as a result, it doesn’t require much strength to use.
lawn mower
If you decide to buy a lawnmower, you must know how to change lawn mower blade. The process can be a bit problematic if you don’t know the proper way to do it. In the following write up, I will be explaining in detail everything you need to know about how to change the lawnmower blade.
While using the lawnmower for many months, the blades can get worn out, and sharpening might not help. If sharpening doesn’t help, you have no other choice left but to change the blade thoroughly. The process of changing the blade isn’t that hard if you follow proper instructions and don’t take more than 30 minutes to execute the process.

Exposure of blades from the deck

An essential step before exposing the blade is to clear out all the oil in the carburettor, and you surely don’t want to get your floor dirty. But sometimes the carburettor is full of oil, so draining full oil out can be costly.
In this situation, the correct option for you is to secure the locks properly. You have to wait till the gas in the mower is wholly used before changing the blades. After draining of oil, gently lift the side up to expose the blade underneath.

Disconnect the spark plug

You don’t wish to get yourself a shock or electrified while changing the lawnmower blades, or do you? If you don’t, then always disconnect the spark plug. The fact that if gas or oil comes in direct contact with the spark plug, it can create a massive fire and explosion is all known to us. So, to avoid this, disconnecting the spark plug is a must take safety precaution.

Correct direction to turn the nut to open existing blades

Lawnmowers can be of several types, but in most of the newest models, the mower is screwed to the head of the engine with a threaded bolt. At the point when the time arrives to hone or supplant the blades due to erosion of the blade, you should turn the blade holding jolts counterclockwise to get the old edge out of the motor’s driveshaft.
An important note is to turn the blade left. As you might have noticed that the blade of most lawnmower rotates right, and hence to remove the blade, you must rotate it in the opposite direction. In this case, anticlockwise. The best tool that will come handy for this operation is a socket wrench.
But try to remember every detail while opening the old blades like the position of the old blade and also the degree of rotation because you will need to follow the same steps while reassembling the new blades.

New Blade setup

If we refer to our common sense, then the first obvious option is actually to buy new blades. Well, as I mentioned earlier that lawnmowers could be of many different models, so it is advisable to visit the same shop from where you got your lawnmower for the perfect blades.
The design of the blade varies from model to model. The new model of lawnmowers uses a single long blade that looks like a scale. This type of blades is straightforward to use since this can be easily attached to the drive shaft of the engine with blade retaining bolt. The older models use two shorter blades. These are a bit harder to attach because of the structure. They have a cap-like structure under which the shorter blades are attached.
After reading the blade changing process and how to change lawn mower blade, this might seem like a very tough job. But in reality, the blade changing process is very easy, and you can replace blades without much hustle. I assure you that you won’t even need any help while changing blades.
But being a regular lawn mower user myself, I don’t suggest changing blades every now and then. The old blades can be sharpened and reused unless the blades get completely destroyed.

The final step: blades placement

Blades placement in the correct direction and the line up is necessary. You have to use nuts, bolts, and new washers to place the new blades in the same position as old ones and tighten them. But, don’t tighten them way too much since these can create unwanted vibrations in the circuit.

Safety Measurements

I am sure you don’t want to harm or cause damage to yourself while changing the blades. So, these are a few of the safety measurements you must remember while changing the blades of the lawnmower.


After reading this article, your confusion and about how to change lawn mower blade should be crystal clear. This work is a bit tricky but certainly not difficult. And if you remember and follow all the safety precautions in exact order, you will be good to go, and it won’t take you more than 30 minutes to change the lawnmower blades. With time, changing the blade of the lawnmower will seem like a child’s play for you.

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