Different Types Of Lawn Mowers

Different Types Of Lawn Mowers
Lawn Mower is one of the essential tools for a gardener. The lawn covers a large portion of the garden. Even guests arriving at your home, first get impressed by the neatly cut and clean yard. So, the best quality lawn mower which suits your lawn shape and style is very important to be selected among the different types of lawn mowers.  
Now, a lawn mower can be categorized according to different sizes of a garden, its style, even power requirement. It is not easy to cover all the ground at a go. Therefore I will be explaining almost all the categories in the subsequent paras.

Mowers according to their kinds

Push Reel mowers:

These lawn mowers have cylinder-shaped blades that rotate vertically in front of the mower. They cut by an edge, which is fixed at the bottom. These mowers are best for flat lawns. It helps in keeping the lawn well-arranged and short in height.

Walk-behind mowers:

These mowers have a single blade that rotates under the mower, similar to propeller planes. They can cut longer and rougher edges than cylinder mowers. So it is a better version of mowers. It can be powered by a rechargeable battery, electricity or petrol engine. They can also be a reel type.

Ride-on mowers:

These are most suitable for vast lawns. They have fitted seat and controls for the rider to have control of the mower being set at a position. They mainly have mechanical transmission. But hydrostatic transmissions provide more torque to wheels and are easier to use. The most expensive is the electric one, and it is the least used.

Hover mowers:

These are perfect for unusually-shaped lawns and also cheaper than others. These hover above the grass, which makes it easier to push and allows better cut for uneven surfaces. Hover mowers have rotary blades and are usually powered by electricity. And these mowers are not suitable for large gardens.

Robotic mowers:

Nowadays, robotic mowers are becoming more popular. They can now identify obstacles and edges of the lawn. Also, they are cheap and affordable. Even if you hate mowing, this mower has advanced features for you as a solution to that.
You can just put up a perimeter wire and do the settings in the mower, then see magic. It will do all the mowing by itself. Some mowers even charge themselves at a charging station after the mowing is done.
robotic lawn mower

Mowers according to the power requirement

Different types of lawn mowers are not only categorized according to their kinds but also according to their power requirement.

Push lawn mowers:

Push mowers can be of various types, such as gas-powered, battery-powered, reel type, hover type, or corded electric. Push mowers are usually available everywhere across the globe.
They mainly have reel-featured or rotary-type blades and are very cost-efficient. It needs to be pushed by a human. Even if some have powered motor, maximum energy is used in mowing, so ultimately, it needs pushing for covering the whole lawn.
If you know the weight before buying these, you know whether you can work with it or not. It is best to avoid their use on vast lawns, and the ones having many hills.

Electric lawn mowers:

It is powered by electricity. The best choice for a small and medium-sized garden are these mowers. These are also easy to store as they are smaller in size and cheaper. Before buying them, ensure that the cable allows you to mow even up to the end of your garden.

Cordless lawn mowers:

Cordless lawn mowers can be electric or gas-powered. These are hassle-free lawn mowers. They even have all the features of a corded electric mower. But they are more expensive than corded ones.

Petrol lawn mowers:

Petrol-powered mowers are expensive but faster and much more potent at cutting grass. They are the best choice for a large garden. However, it needs servicing just like car engines, also needs full tank oil quantity for better performance.

Mowers according to the size of gardens

It is essential to know the size of your yard before you choose. First, try to imagine a tennis court, then if you can compare your lawn to its full capacity, you have a medium-sized lawn.
Similarly, if your lawn is less than the court, it is a small lawn, if bigger than the court, then large. A calculation for choosing mowers according to garden size is given below:

Small lawn:

Lawns that are up to 100 square meters are better mowed with electric and cordless mowers.

Medium lawn:

Lawns that are between 100-250 square meters are better mowed with electric, petrol, and cordless mowers.

Large lawn:

Lawns that are larger than 250 square meters are better mowed with petrol mowers.
However, types may vary along with performance and price. Some have excellent performance criteria; others are average. Some are very expensive. To get an excellent cutting performance along with good finishing and outlook, ‘Ariens Zoom 42’ lawn mower is a great choice.
It is a zero-turn mower with a bit high price. ‘Toro Time Cutter’ is a mid-priced lawn mower. Without compromising with the performance, it is another excellent option. There are also other good options available in the market.
But, before you want to go for buying, lawn mower kinds, power requirements, performance, everything should be understood well enough. It is only then that you will be able to choose the best option for your garden. Hence, the outcome of the mower’s use upon your lawn will be a fruitful one.


Mowers are of various kinds and have different shapes and sizes. They are even categorized according to their requirements, depending on lawn size. Other than the type of mowers discussed above, there are rough-cut mowers, remote control mowers, and zero-turn mowers.
Zero-turn mowers have excellent performance criteria. But all of these fall within the more prominent categories like power requirement and lawn-size requirement. Different types of lawn mowers have various features, different capabilities, and different laggings. These are the things that make each of them unique.

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