Best Lawn Mower For Hills: A Complete Buying Guide for 2020

Best Lawn Mower For Hills
Are you tired of the extra overgrown grass of your hilly garden? And want to have an easy solution to take care of this problem. Then this article is just meant for you. We all are aware of the lawn mowers. Lawn mowers are pretty useful devices when it comes to taking care of your mulching, edging, and trimming of the lawn. Lawn mower often comes in different shapes and sizes, and you have to choose them according to your preference. But regular lawn mowers are not strong enough to taking care of hilly gardens or hilly areas. Hence you need specially built heavy lawn mowers for hills. But when you hit the market to buy a lawn mower, this can be confusing. The market is full of many products, and it can be frustrating to choose the best one that meets your requirements. The main target of this article is to give you a complete guide in finding the best lawn mower for hills along with all different aspects of using this product.

Why Use lawn mower for hills:

The first and foremost, before buying any product, you must be aware of the essential facts about why to buy this. Here I will be discussing the significant factors of using lawn mowers for hills.
lawn mower

Advantages of using the lawn mower for hills:

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Our Top 5 best lawn mower for hills:

After using Many lawn mowers for hills, I have decided to write this comparison review so that it will be easier for you guys out there to choose the best lawn mower for hills available in the market. I will be breaking in details about the top 5 lawn mowers for hills.
dGreenworks corded electric Lawn Mower
Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower is a small yet compelling device. You might not be amazed at this lawn mower on first glance with the device, but it can easily fight with many of the much bigger models in the market out there.
The greenworks lawn mower can be carried easily into places due to its lightweight and small size. A great feature of this lawn mower is that it already comes pre-installed from the factory. Hence you don’t have to go through the hassle of installing it. This lawn mower doesn’t run with batteries like other lawn mowers and is electrically powered, so you have to use an extended power cord with it.

Price and dimension:

The dimension is 28.4 x 15.75 x 20.3 inches, with a price of around 185 dollars.


 A Very Powerful motor: A mighty motor of 10 Amp is used to get rid of tough grasses along with a lightweight of 48 pounds only.
Comes with 2 in 1 feature: A unique 2 in 1 feature that provides manuring and rear discharging together.
Interchangeable height positions: You can adjust the cutting height according to your choices in a range of 5/8-inch to 2-5/8-inch
Designed with large wheels: This lawn mower comes with 7 inches real wheels along with 5 inches front wheels, which ensures easy traction on the field.
Long cutting deck: A 16 inches long and sturdy cutting deck that helps in quicker work execution. 
Lawn Mower
The American lawn mower electric corded push mower is small yet a capable lawn mower for taking good care of small lawns. It is an extremely powerful electric powered lawn mower. I will explain below in full details about this small yet handy mower.

Price and dimension:

The dimension is 46 x 18.5 x 38 inches with a weight of around 25.6 pounds. You can get this lawn mower for $89.99.


Mighty motor: American Lawn Mower Corded Electric Lawn Mower is powered by an 11-amp motor, which can provide enough power to cut all types of grasses. Even after being electrically powered, the motor can give the same power as the gas-powered lawn mower.
Five-position cutting height and a large cutting deck: This lawn mower comes with a height adjustment option and enables the user to adjust the height in a range from 1 inch to 2.5 inches. The cutting deck is also extended about 14 inches, which provides a smooth and comfortable cutting option.
Mulching and discharging option: It is built with a 2 in 1 mulching and rear discharging system. In addition, it comes with a huge 16-gal grass bag. Moreover, the top of the bag is hard. That’s not it; you will also find a grass level indicator to make your grass cutting work much more accessible.
Adjustable handle positions: We can adjust the height of the handle easily according to your preferences. So, you will have much easier control while using the lawn mower. You can also fold the handle for the secure storage of the lawn mower.
Honda Lawn Mower
The Honda gas lawn mower is one of the best lawn mower which is out there on the market. This gas lawn mower certainly lives up to the brand name set by Honda. This lawn mower provides smooth mowing of your sloping lawn. Powered by a mighty gas engine which produces enough power to get rid of all your stubborn overgrown grasses.
You will find it difficult to make any complain after seeing its action live. The Honda gas lawn mower has been around the market for many years now, but it still is one most favorite lawn mowers for users and had been made in a more advanced way than its earlier competitors.

Price and dimension:

Available in the market for around 599 dollars and weighing around 108lbs.


Powered by powerful GCV200 Honda engine: This engine is renowned for its performance and power output. The driver can produce much more torque than its forerunner. The engine’s power is sufficient even to cut thick dense grass.
Adjustable speed with a self-propelling exclusive feature: The speed can be adjusted, just a simple rotation of the speed dial. This lawn mower also has the option to select drive control that provides easy speed control. The rate can vary in a range between 0-4 mph.
A unique 4 in 1 Versamow system: This design is one of the critical features of this lawn mower, which allows the user to have complete control to mulch, discharge, bag, and shred leaves or even do a combination of bagging and mulching.
Twin Micro-Cut blades: These blades are sharp, and by sharp, I meant these micro cut twin blades allow very precise fine chopping of the grass. The blades work so fine that it is sure to save your time.
No need for a kick starter: You don’t need to choke the engine, you just have to start the mower, and it’s ready to work.
Adjustable height positioning: The height of the mowing can be adjusted from 0.75 inches to 4 inches.
Easy braking system: The engine is easy to stop, just leave the brake lever of the flywheel, and the engine will come to an instantaneous stop.
Greenworks lawn Mower
If you are tired of electrically, gas, or oil-powered lawn mowers, then this lawn mower is the one to go. You might be tired of the extended power chord to power your lawn mowers or continuously buy oil and gas. Worry, no more Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower is here. This lawn mower works with a rechargeable battery making your mowing task much more manageable.


Greenworks PRO Cordless Lawn Mower is available for around $235.56.


It weighs around 79.5 lbs with dimensions of 60.5 x 21.6 x 36.5 inches: Even though this lawn mower comes with many loaded features, the design is done in such a way that the machine is not that bulky.
Brushless Motor by Greenworks: These motors are beautifully engineered to provide the user with the best torque along with more run time, which ensures the long-lasting life of the lawn mower.
Extended Steel deck of length 21 inches: The deck is very long and comes with 3-in-1 feature side discharge, mulching or rear baggage capability.
Long Run time: It can run smoothly up to sixty minutes on a single fully charged 4.0AH battery. Hence, you can take care of your lawn on a single charge without having to wait for the battery to charge again.
Black Decker
The black+decker besta512cm is compactly build with a powerful 6.5-amp motor. This lawn mower is a beautiful looking machine. Finding another lawn mower that looks as good as this one is going to be a tough task. This 12-inch machine can perform 3 in 1 job for you. Mow your lawn or just use it as a trimmer, or even if not, you can use it as an edger.

Price and dimension:

The dimension is 15 x 7 x 37 inches with a weight of around 13 lbs.The black+decker besta 512 cm is available in the market for around 78 dollars.


Built-in 3 in a convertible option: A multipurpose lawn mower for your hills. You can either trim, mow, or edge your lawn as you wish. So you buy one machine and can get all your lawn mowing needs fulfilled by it.
Portability: This lawn mower just weighs around a few pounds, so you can easily carry it around places and trim all the corners around your tress or even flower beds around your lawn or garden.
Automatic feed spool system: If you have ever used a lawn mower, you must know that it can be quite painful to stop working and adjust the spool continuously. The black+decker besta512cm comes with automatic feed spool system, so you don’t have to stop working, the machine will automatically adjust the reel.
Useful cord retention system: It comes with a cord holding option, so you don’t have to worry about connection getting loose every time and work freely.

Things that should be considered before buying a lawn mower for hills

Before choosing and purchasing the best lawn mower for hills, there are many factors that you must look after. These factors play a major role in deciding about which is going to be the lawn mower for your lawn.
To help you in this decision, I will break the most critical factors down below that you must think of before deciding on which lawn mower to buy for your hills.

Transmission Type

The first and foremost, before buying a lawn mower for the hill, you must decide about the type of transmission you want. Whether an electric one or engine type. If you live in a city area and have continuous access to the power supply, then you can go for the electric model, and this type will even save you from the extra noise gas lawn mowers frequently make.
However, if you want to work with larger yards and want more power, you have to go for the gas or fuel operated lawn mowers. These lawn mowers produce much more power than the electric ones and much cheaper.

Types of lawn mower

Lawn mowers can be of different types. There is a riding mower and also a walk-behind. If you have a large lawn that walks behind lawn mowers are not a good option for you, and since we are talking about hilly lawns here, you surely don’t want to walk with a lawn mower on the hills. So the best option is to go for engine powered riding lawn mowers.

Length and width of body and base

While working with hills, the wider lawn mowers slightly work better. The Important thing to keep in head is where the motor is located inside a lawn mower and how small is the center of gravity. The best option to go for hills is a minimum of 42” cutting deck.

Ease of control

While mowing in the hills, speed control is a significant issue. So while choosing the best lawn mower for hills, you must keep in head that the lawn mower is enabling you to make low-speed alternations while operating.
Shifting and controlling speed will allow you to control mowing flat areas along with hill mowing.

Enough powers for hills

Since you will be mowing hilly areas, you will need more power output from the lawn mower because some energy will be shifted to propel the lawn mower in the forward direction.
Make sure to choose the best riding lawn mower that will produce enough power to push the mower up in hilly areas.

Preventing from Rollover

You surely don’t want to fall from the top of the hill with your lawn mower. To prevent the lawn mower from falling, you must choose a lawn mower that comes with a rollover protection feature.
Rollover protection is a simple feature in which a metal bar is attached at the back of the seat, which will protect the rider if the lawn mower tips down the hill. However, don’t forget to wear the seat belt.


Lawn mowers for hills are usually heavily built because it needs to deliver massive output power, so finding a stable machine is essential. A reliable lawn mower will ensure no tipping and rollover from the top of the hill.
If you buy lawn mower whose weight is not even throughout, it will surely tip over the hill.Two things that hold the lawn mower is a small center of gravity and a broad stance.


One of the most important factors while choosing the best lawn mower for hills is to think about the quality of traction. Three factors come to play when we are talking about traction.
For using lawn mower in hills, the best option is to have bigger wheels. The bigger, the better. Bigger wheels can propel the lawn mower more efficiently than the regular tires.


Just like every other machine or even your car, lawn mowers also require maintenance regularly. You can’t expect it to serve you for more extended periods without proper maintenance.
If it’s a fuel-powered lawn mower, you have to fuel it properly. Besides, you have to check the blades daily, tighten them if they get loose, or change them if necessary. Blades often get blunt after many days of usage.

Frequently asked questions

1) Is it necessary to buy a new lawn mower every year?

Answer: Not really, make sure to maintain and service your lawn mower correctly following the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.

2) What type of gas should I use?

Answer: You don’t have to spend too much buying expensive premium gases. You can purchase regular gases. However, don’t store them for too long because it prevents the engine from starting.

3) Are lawn mowers safe?

Answer: Yes, they are safe. Lawn mowers come with a hand lever that you can pull anytime, and the lawn mower will come to a stop. It even comes with flaps that prevent fuel leakage.

4) How much do lawn mowers cost?

Answer: Prices vary depending on the type of lawn mower you are going for, along with the features you opted to go with.The Price of a lawn mower can go from as low as 100 dollars to as high as 1000 dollars. You will have first to find the exact model and feature you need to get the price estimation.

5) What are the commonly available features?

Answer: Mulching, edging, trimming, and many more. Lawn mowers can have various features together in them. So, it is wise to say that lawn mowers can take care of all of your mowing needs.

6) Should I go for electrically powered or fuel-powered lawn mower?

Answer: If you are going to work with smaller yards, you can choose electrically powered lawn mowers, but while working with larger yards, it is better to select fuel-powered since you will need more power output.


Lawn maintenance can be of a hassle sometimes, and to save yourself from the hassle, you need a lawn mower. Finding the best lawn mower for hills can be a tiring and time-consuming work because of the many options and models available in the market out there.  This article is written to make your job easier while choosing the best lower for hills.
Here we compared five of the best lawn mowers for hills. The comparison between the five lawn mowers was made based on three things — performance along with advantages and disadvantages and also price. As discussed above in full details, each of these five lawn mowers has something unique to offer. You can now easily decide the subtler lawn mower from the list that goes with your mowing requirements and comes handy in your budget.

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