Best Lawn Mower Blades To Buy In 2020

best lawn mower blades
Lawnmowers are an essential tool for the individual homeowner. Lawnmowers are motor run machines that have rotating blades that help cut grass and maintain an even height. More often than not, the characteristic that determines the quality of a lawnmower is the excellence of its blades. This article, in detail, discusses everything that you need to know before you purchase a lawnmower. It covers the basics of the types of lawnmower blades, then goes on to review the best lawn mower blades that are available on the market along with answering your most frequently asked questions.Now the benefits of mowing your lawn are endless, but let us discuss a few mentionable advantages of doing so.
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Benefits of lawn mowing:

You may question why you need to use a lawnmower to cut the grass on your lawn. Why can’t you just hand cut it? Well, this question has an answer that comes in two parts. Firstly, depending on the size of your lawn, you will get tired of hand cutting all the grass. Secondly, lawnmowers have the same function as all machines have in our lives- lawnmowers make our lives a little easier.
With a lawnmower, not only will you be able to cut the grass at a faster pace but also make sure all of it is cut evenly.As mentioned above, usually, the deciding factor in how well a lawn mower performs is the quality of its blades. There are four main types of lawn mower blades available on the market. These are listed below.
  1. Deck or Standard blade: This is the most commonly used blade in lawnmowers. The standard blade only rotates horizontally.
  2. Low lift blades: These are mainly used for terrain and sandy soil since it has relatively low suction power.
  3. High lift blades: The high lift blade lawn mower is perfect for cutting tall compact grass.
  4. Mulching Blades: Mulching blades are all-purpose blades with a curved surface that can cut all forms of grass.
  5. Gator Blade: Gator blades are also known as the 3-in-1 blade. This type of blade has a medium-lift, which happens through a combination of high and low lift. It is serrated on one edge. Therefore it can be considered a multipurpose all in one lawnmower.

Why do lawnmower blades matter?

As mentioned above, the deciding factor of the quality of a lawnmower is how good its blades are. Therefore lawn mower blades do matter. Moreover, if your lawnmower blades are of low quality, then it will haphazardly cut the grass and leave frayed edges that will make your lawn look ragged and make your grass susceptible to diseases.
Therefore you must buy good quality lawn mower blades. To help you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of the best lawn mower blades available on the market along with their pros and cons listed.
Maxpower commercial mulching blade
The Maxpower Commercial mulching blade is one of the best lawn mower blades available on the market. It comes in a set of two blades suitable for a 42-inch mower. It is American made and is 21 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. It can act as replacement blades for the following brands and models of lawnmowers – Poulan, Husqvarna, Craftsman Riders 134149, 138971, 138498, 127843, PP24003, AYP7143A79, AYP7158A49, AYP9149A69, DPR20H42STA, TS14H42C, 2P4B9A, 9169A99 and 9178B99.
The Maxpower mulching blade can cut grass into absolutely tiny minute pieces when sharp. Because it is a classic mulching blade, it has “teeth” or a serrated side on one edge. This lawnmower blade is made of thick reinforced steel that can cut grass with no lumps or leave behind any damp trail. Because the material of the blades is thicker and the blades themselves are wider than the common ones available on the market, which means the Maxpower blades mulch grass much more effectively when compared. It also has a flywheel effect, which creates constant cut revs meaning the grass is cut smoothly and evenly.
Oregon g3 gator blade
This heavy-duty American made gator blade is one of the best gators blades for lawn mowers available on the market. It has a revolutionized smart design that fits 54-inch lawnmowers.
The Oregon Gator blades have been heat treated and can mulch grass clippings too. They are 18 ½ inches long, 2 ½ inches thick, and a 187 inches wide. They are known for their durability as they are heavy-duty thick blades. These gator blades cut grass quite smoothly and have a built-in vacuum system that sucks up stray curb grass and pine cones. They also throw the grass a reasonable distance away.
The Oregon Gator blades cost a few extra dollars than the other gator blades available on the market, but it is well worth the extra price. It is sometimes advertised to have an additional ½ inch drop in height, but this is not the case in reality and therefore does not cause any sort of a problem. The blades are very sharp out of the box and have little or no vibration.
Maxpower blade set
These American made blades can be used to replace Cut Craftsman, Husqvarna and Poulan Brands. The Maxpower blades have been created for the 46-inch cut lawnmower and each blade measure 23 inches long and two ¾ inches wide. This lawnmower blade was made in America. It was made for the bagging system instead of mulching.
Honda Lawn Mower Blade set
The Honda Lawn Mower blades are also one of the best lawn mower blades available on the market and come in a set of two- one upper blade and one lower blade. These blades are 20.75 inches long and are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). As we know, OEM blades are of high quality and cut grass well. These blades do not leave any shredded tips on the grass and mulches completely.
A recommendation after buying these blades is that you remove the sticker, so they don’t feel out of balance and torque the blades to the specified tolerance.
mazpower lawn mower blade
The Maxpower 3-in-1 lawn mower blades were made to the 48-inch cut lawnmower. These can act as replacements for the John Deere. These American made blades are 18.4 inches long, 2.9 inches wide and 0.8 inches thick. They are high lift blades.

Things to consider before buying lawn mower blades (Buyer’s guide)

Blade length:

Blade length is a crucial aspect to consider when you buy a lawnmower blade. If your blade is way too long, it can be difficult to use and could be too long to fit within the blade slot of your lawnmower properly. If the blade is too short, however, it will lead to insufficient coverage of your lawn.  Therefore the process of mowing your lawn smoothly and thoroughly will become a rather difficult process.
Therefore you must measure your lawnmower carefully before you buy lawnmower blades so that you can easily find the largest blade that can be securely fitted to your mower.
The four main types of lawn mower blades available on the market are mentioned at the very beginning of this article. Now every kind of blade is used for different terrain and purpose. So the first thing you need to know before purchasing lawn mower blades is what type of lawn you have. Depending on that, you have to choose a suitable blade accordingly.
Here is a more in-depth listing of the types of lawn mower blades available on the market and their functions.

Standard or Deck Blades

These types of blades are sometimes known as 2-in-1 blades. As mentioned above, they are the most commonly used lawnmower blades. They have an aerodynamic design that results in less strain on the engine, turning it. The front cutting edge of the blade remains flat, whereas the back is slightly upturn, which leads in a continuous “suck and cut” action. These lawn mower blades are suitable for side discharging and bagging applications as they provide great lift in one direction.

Low Lift Blade

Low lift blades are preferred for lawns that have dry, shorter grasses or those with sandy soils. The uptick at the back of the blade results in less lift, which makes it suitable to cut grass on sandy soils. They are not ideal for cutting thick grass, but it does not kick up as much duct, and since they produce less drag, this means that fuel consumption is lower.

High Lift Blades

As the name suggests, these blades have a high lift. They have a rather sharp upturn at the back of the blades; therefore, the high lift mower blade has much more lift. This type of lawnmower blade requires a more powerful engine to run them smoothly because of the high lift. Because the motor will be working harder means that fuel consumption will also be higher. So the cost of running a high lift blade lawn mower will be slightly higher.
However, high lift blades are very good at cutting thick, dense grass and are an excellent choice for when you are bagging up your clippings. This is because the better lifting force of high lift blades can hurdle the cuttings up and away from the deck.

Mulching Blades

Mulching blades have a unique design when compared to the low average lift or high lift blades. Whereas the other two blades are upturn in specific places mulching blades have swoops and dips in random places all over the blade.
This revolutionary design allows your mower to suck the grass upward and then be cut. The clippings are then recycled around the deck and are chopped up into little bits. The middle part of the mulching blades have a genuinely revolutionary design here; they send the nutrient-rich, finely cut clippings back to the ground where they feed the soil and help the grass grow.
Even though mulching blades do not provide as much lift as the standard blades, you can still bag or side discharge with mulching blades. Also, mulching blades are preferably used for maintenance work instead of cutting overgrown grass.
Other than the three main types of lawn mower blades mentioned above, there are a few different types of blades that haven’t made it to this list, such as bagging blades and discharging blades.Now that you know about all the types of lawn mower blades you can come across, you can go on to decide which one would be best suited to your needs and your lawn type.

Should you replace your lawnmower blades or simply sharpen them?

The next thing you need to decide on before buying a lawnmower blade is – do you need to buy a new lawnmower blade or simply sharpen your old one?You need sharp lawn mower blades because, while dull ones would cut your grass, they tend to leave frayed edges, which make your lawn look uneven and susceptible to diseases.
Therefore, a good rule of thumb would be to replace your lawnmower blades annually. However, it is still sometimes difficult to determine the time for replacement or sharpening of blades unless you know the following things.
  • If a blade has bends, dents or nicks of any sort, change them before mowing. Using a damaged blade is dangerous for both your lawn and your mower.
  • Inspect the grass after you mow it. If the tips are ragged, uneven, or torn, there are high chances that you have a dull blade.
  • The third thing you can do is to inspect the blade itself thoroughly. Check the thickness of your lawnmower blade. And over time, sand, dirt, and other debris can quickly erode the effectiveness of the blade. It also causes the metal to get weak and paper-thin, which requires the replacement of the blade immediately.

How to replace lawn mower blades?

Replacing lawn mower blades can be a little tricky, but just follow the following instructions, and you will be good to go!The absolute first thing that you need to do is tilt your mower upwards so that you can easily access the underside. Make sure to do this in a direction as to not spill any oil.
Also, support the lawnmower by propping it against something to make sure it does not tip over during the blade changing process. Make sure to unplug the spark plug to prevent any fires or unwanted damages.

How to sharpen your lawnmower blades?

Sometimes your blunt lawnmower blade simply needs a bit of sharpening and not a complete replacement. This process is also relatively easy if you follow our guide below.
Firstly you need to tip your lawnmower over, support it, and make sure that it is secure and stable. Do not tip it backward but rather tip it sideways to keep oil spillage to a minimum. Make sure to unplug the spark plug to prevent any fires or unwanted damages.
Undo the fastenings of the blade and remove it using a socket wrench. Make sure to note how the blade rests and in which direction so that you can replace it precisely right. Clamp the blade in a vise or strong clamp, leaving no room for movement so that you can sharpen it.
To sharpen the blade, take a large metal file and run it along the edge of the blade that cuts. Continue running your file back and forth until the cutting edge is gleaming and shiny and smooth. Then turn the blade over and once again repeat the process for the other side. Follow the angle of the blade to make sure the cutting edge stays smooth and regular.After sharpening, simply reinstall the blade and replace the housing.  

Safety Tips when using lawnmowers -

  • Never let a child play outside while a lawnmower is in use
  • Never mow in the opposite direction
  • Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes along with long pants while you are mowing
  • You must wear protective eyewear along with protection for your ears while mowing
  • Pick up sticks, stones, and toys – from the lawn in advance. Such objects can become dangerous if a mower accidentally runs over them
  • Do not fill your gasoline tank unless your engine is cold
  • To prevent mower rollovers drive up and down hills and slopes instead of driving across them
  • You must decrease your speed when you are going down slopes or turning around sharp corners. Remember to maintain a minimum ground speed. Also, make turns wide and slow
  • Never leave a running lawnmower unattended
  • Do not mow in reverse or pull the mower backward
  • Always remember to turn off the mower and wait for the blades to stop completely moving before you remove the grass catcher, unclogging the discharge chute, inspect or repair lawn mower equipment, or crossing gravel paths, roads, or other areas
  • You should mow your lawn only when the grass is dry and during the daylight
  • Remember only to use push mowers that have control which stops the mower blade from moving when the mower handle is let go
  • You must check to make sure that the mower’s “operator-presence control system” – which is a safety feature that automatically shuts off the blades when the operator dismounts the machine or rises from the seat – is functioning properly
  • Service your mower to keep it in good working shape each new mowing season

Frequently asked questions

1. Which side of the lawnmower blade is up?

Since the proper installation of mower blades is required, it can be a bit confusing. Most lawnmower blades feature cutting edges at both ends. Thus, it will be pervasive for you to install the blades upside down. Therefore, you can follow a few specific tips to determine which part is the upside of the blade. Therefore the very first thing that you should do is look for is the labeling ‘Towards Grass’ or ‘This Side Down’ on the blade.
As most mower blades have two cutting edges, you should point back the dull and bent side towards the mower deck. However, the opposite of the trailing edge is the cutting edge with a sharpened point.

2. How sharp should a lawnmower blade be?

A lawnmower blade must be sharp but not razor- sharp. This because a razor-sharp blade will get rolled over and therefore has higher chances of being chipped or nicked. The blades should be sharp enough to run your finger along the edge but not immediately break your skin and cut yourself. Moreover, razor-sharp blades become dull more quickly and would require frequent replacement and sharpening.

3. What is a 3-in-1 lawnmower blade?

Because of the versatile design, mulching blades are often called 3-in-1 lawnmower blades. This is because one blade can perform three different types of jobs. They can cut the grass into bag clippings or discharge, or even chop the grass into finely ground mulch, and leave them on the lawn to feed nutrients into the soil.

4. Why do my lawnmower blades miss the grass?

The most common reasoning for this is dull blades. Other than these, some different reasons such as tall or wet grass, damaged lawnmower blade, weak lawn mower engine, low throttle, low deck, a full grass bag, a whole clutch slip, etc.

5. How long do lawnmower blades last?

This factor depends on a multitude of different things, such as the type of lawnmower you are using. Generally, motorized lawn mower blades last up to 20-24 hours before they need to be sharpened. Overall they have a life expectancy of 15—200 hours of mowing. However, premium-quality blades will last up to 400 hours.

6. Are lawnmower blades universal?

Mower blades are not exactly universal. They are also divided according to the length, size, or shape of mounts. So you can partially call them global. They are interchangeable if the size, shape, and center hole matches the previous blade. This is the reason some mower blades are also known as replacement blades.


In conclusion, lawns are one of the first things people notice about our homes. They often define the beauty of the home itself. Therefore maintenance and care of lawns are crucial to keep the beauty of the house intact. To do so, homeowners must invest in the best quality and best-suited lawn mower blades. Reread this article to decide which lawn mower blade amongst the best lawn mower blades listed here is actually most suited to your needs.

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