Best Lawn Edger: Review Of Top Five Products & A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Lawn Edger
Who does not want a perfectly trimmed lawn for his home? Achieving a maintained and well-trimmed look of a house is the dream of every house owner. To keep a clean and neat yard, one must need to own a lawn edger. It is not easy to earn the perfection that one desires to see in lawns. Thanks to the advancement of technology, lawn edger is here to make our job easy. It is much easier to achieve your desired lawn look with this tool. However, buying a lawn edger out of tons of options is undoubtedly not as easy as using one. Luckily, you are on the right page. This article will enlighten you about the best lawn edger out there.

Benefits of using a lawn edger

There are plenty of gardening tools to maintain a well-shaped garden and lawn. A lawn edger is a crucial item out of them. It is hard to find one who does not struggle to mow a lawn. Lawn edger provides a helping hand here.
A lawn edger will flood your benefits. It is easy to use this tool once you learn how to operate this. Especially if you are someone who has back problems. It will allow you to trim the grass while standing straight. A lawn edger is generally a low maintenance tool. So if you invest in a good one, you can use it for a very long time.
lawn edger
Your house will look dull without a maintained lawn. A lawn edger helps to boost the appearance of your home by adding a landscape value to it. It creates lines between the grass and the flowerbeds to prevent grassroots from invading flowers.
Not having a lawn edger will kill a lot of your time. It will require more effort with an extra amount of patience. On the contrary, a lawn edger can save your time and effort from getting wasted in vain. Who does not want to achieve a manicured lawn in a short period with minimal effort?
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Our top five picks

You might get puzzled with all the available options of a lawn edger in the market. As we are here to get you out of the maze, there is nothing to worry about. We have listed the top five lawn edgers in the market based on efficiency and other essential factors. So that you can pick the best lawn edger for yourself.
Are you tired of moving around your lawn or garden with a heavy lawn edger? If you are searching for an edger that is lightweight where you would not have to bear the pain of electric wires, then WORX WG170 can be a perfect choice for you. It can deliver you with power, precision, and function. You can consider it as the best lawn edger in our list.


Other details:

Price: On Amazon, you can order this product by spending $119.99.
Company: Worx.
Model: WG170.
Weight: 5.49 pounds.
Black decker Landscape Edger
Looking for a machine that will give a professional look to your yard? Black Decker landscape edger and trencher can be an optimal option for you. Black Decker has always been renowned for providing products to its customers with higher quality. It is a potent and efficient tool to make your lawn look perfect.
Price: You can purchase this item from Amazon by spending $128.07.
Company: Black + Decker.
Model: LE760FF.
Weight: 14.3 pounds.
worx lawn edger
If you are aiming to gain more control over your trim, go with Worx WG896 electric lawn edger and trencher. From the name you can guess it is 2 in 1 deal. It is not heavy to carry around, and it can accomplish your task in no time. It is a capable edger to use for your lawn and garden.
Price: To purchase this product from Amazon, you have to pay $81.88.
Company: Worx.
Model: WG896.
Weight: 16 pounds.
If you are searching for a lawn edger that would not release any emission into the air, then green works 27032 corded edgers would be an optimal option for you. This edger has a lot of useful features to bring the best result for your lawn and garden. It is both easy to use and comfortable as well.


Other details:

Price: You can buy this product with an extra blade by spending $87.18 form Amazon.
Company: Greenworks.
Model: 27032.
Weight: 19.2 pounds.
sothland behind edger
If you are searching for a suitable gas lawn edger, you would prefer buying southland’s SWLE0799 lawn edger. It is a multi-wheeled lawn edger that uses gas as a source of energy to run. The product is simple to put together. The quality of this product is pretty impressive.


Other details:

Price: It costs $186.15 on Amazon.
Company: Southland.
Models: SWLE0799.
Weight: 64.8 pounds.
Note: Price mentioned above may vary from time to time. It also depends on the seller. If you are ordering it online, make sure to add the shipping cost to the price.

Things to consider before purchasing a lawn edger

Before going to the market, one should keep certain aspects on the mind to make the best choice and to buy the best lawn edger. Just going to the shop and purchasing the best one according to the market demand would not solve your problem. 
Something that has proved to be useful for someone does not necessarily mean that it would be fruitful for you too. That is why we have mentioned some of the essential factors below that you should put under consideration before buying a lawn edger.

Type of the lawn edger:

Many kinds of lawn edgers have been designed based on different requirements of the customers. You should know the critical aspects of each class to figure out which one will be suitable for your purpose.
Manual lawn edger: From the name, one can guess that one needs to operate it manually. One will need to put in a lot of time and effort to work with this one. But a manual one is cheap, easy to use, and durable. It stands out due to its simplicity. So if you are someone who does not want to rely on overly advanced technology, try to buy the best manual lawn edger as it would be the best option for you. Again there are three types of manual lawn edger –
Spade based: This is a moon-shaped edger and has a curved iron blade attached to its handle. One can use it in a downward and rocking motion.
Hand sheers: It comes with a different configuration. One can operate this using one hand at ground level. Again, hand sheers that have long handles can be operated using both of the hands while standing.
Roller based: You need to operate this one by pushing the roller wheels. It has different types, as well. One category uses steel discs to cut the edge of the lawn. Another one uses two-star spoked discs that rotate against each other shear cutting the edge of the lawn.
Motorized lawn edger: A motorized one can be considered as the best lawn edger if you want to save some time. If you desire to ignore the pain of manually functioned edger, then you should prefer buying edger that is conducted based on motors. There are different types of motorized lawn edger available as well. These are –
String trimmer: It is a lightweight tool that has a cutting tip at the end of the handle. Most heads are tipped horizontally, and to use it vertically, it needs to be pivoted.
Single wheel: As the name suggests, these types of edger works on a single wheel. It can be used for long-distance, a bit expensive compared to the other edger but less costly than the multi-wheel edgers. It is easy to move around with this one.
Multi-wheel: This one is dependent on multiple wheels. It is for heavy-duty tasks, but it lies on the expensive side.

Power source:

The motor needs a source of energy to run.  There are electric lawn edger, gas-operated edger, and battery-operated edger. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of each one –

Electricity operated edger

  • Safe for the environment.
  • It does not generate emissions.
  • Fairly inexpensive.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sturdy enough for home jobs.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs or larger areas.
  • Cannot roam around freely due to the chord.

Gas operated lawn edger

  • Most powerful edgers available in the market.
  • Perfect to accomplish massive tasks.
  • It is durable as the materials of this product have high quality.
  • Can stand the test of the time.
  • It is a powerful piece of equipment to use for the lawn.
  • Not suitable for the environment.
  • It makes noise.
  • Heavy.
  • Expensive.

Battery operated lawn edger

  • Gives the ease of moving around.
  • Can charge one while working with another.
  • Less expensive
  • Not durable.
  • It might require a lot of time to get fully charged.

Size of your lawn or yard:

If your area is not way too big, then you should prefer buying average powered edgers. Buying a powered one for regular tasks is nothing but a waste of money. On the contrary, if you have a massive lawn and there is a lot of work that you have to complete, then a simple one would do nothing for you. In this case, go with the most powerful one in the market.  


You should not cross the line of your budget. Buying the expensive one would not assure you of delivering with the best service. An expensive lawn edger does not mean that it is the best lawn edger in the market.
Try to trace an edger that will fit your requirements within your budget. There are lots of models in the market which come with a pretty decent price tag and works impressively. Make sure that you are playing smart while investing your money.

Size and weight:

Size and weight matter when it comes to buying a lawn edger because it has a link with your comfort. An older person would not be able to work freely with a heavy one. 
If you are strong enough to work with a heavy lawn edger, then there should be no problem. Again if the size of the machine is way too big, it will require a lot of space for its storage.

Type of the blade:

Different models have different shapes of blades. It creates more gaps between the grass and the path to making your lawn look neat and clean. The shape of the blade can have an impact on the look of your yard.
It depends on what type of design you want. There are flat blades with scoop cut, star-shaped blades, flat rectangular blades. Straight ones run perpendicular to the ground, and angled ones can give you finish with different angles. After some uses, you might need to replace them. So go for a model that will allow you to change without any hassle.
Also, look for the capability of adjusting the height of the blades quickly. It is essential because it has a relation with your safety. So try to find the best edger blades.


There are some lawn edgers where the owner needs to assemble the parts. Some lawn edgers do not require that. Always make sure that you are buying one that is strong enough to complete your job and easy to move around on the hard surface.
If you do not want to face restriction due to the limit of the chord, try to buy the best battery powered edger. The best cordless lawn edger will save you from the trouble. Make sure that it is not wobbly or flimsy, and the machine is well constructed.

Multi usage:

Some lawn edgers are structured in a way so that one can use them for different functions. Some come with additional features like edge trimmer or mini mower. Some edgers can work as a trencher as well.
Look for an edger that is good at multitasking. In this way, you would be able to save a few bucks to get wasted form your pocket.  A multi-tasking edger can be proved to be the best lawn edger for your lawn.


Working on lawns and making it look good requires a lot of time. If you have enough time to invest in your garden, you can buy manual edger, which will also help you to save money. 
But if you are short of time and want to make you every second count, go with motor operated ones. Again small blades are okay but will kill a lot of your time. Go with more substantial machinery.


If you are trapped in a maze of confusion and brainstorming is not your thing, then go with brands. One cannot build a brand overnight. A single bad review can have a significant impact on their reputation. 
Companies do conduct a lot of researches to deliver their customers with a better product to maintain their status in the market. So if you are in doubt, go with brands.


Keep an eye on the websites of the companies or social media platforms for offers. At times, companies do offer sell and packages that can help you to maintain your budget.


Maintenance is a vital aspect of every product you buy. Avoiding it might reduce the life span of a product. Everything will last longer if you take care of it properly. The same goes for lawn edger.
Even if you own the best lawn edger, do take appropriate care of your machine. If it as an assembled one, check the fittings. Change your blades from time to time. Keep it in a secure and clean space. 
Keep your eye on the chords. Do not overcharge the batteries. Overcharging can damage it and will be harmful to the edger as well. Be careful while working with one.
Make sure that the machine is working in perfect condition. Read the manufacture’s instruction before start operating one.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ section)

1. Can one use a trimmer as an edger?

Timers are structured to trim the grass. Some edging work is possible using a string trimmer. But for heavy-duty tasks, the edger is the best option. Edgers help you to create a boundary in your lawn, while a trimmer helps you to maintain that.

2. Which lawn edger is safer for the environment?

Anything but a gas lawn edger. Gas-powered lawn edger does pollute the air by producing volatile organic compounds. It causes the emission of nitrogen oxide in the air.

3. When to replace the blades of a lawn edger?

You might need to replace or sharpen your blades from time to time. Do it when they appear to be dull and are not working according to its capability.

4. What is power edging?

To remove unwanted overgrown grass and sod from the lawn using a metal blade is addressed as power edging. One needs to mark the area of the edges to perform power edging.

5. How often should one edge his lawn?

If you do not want to combat with overgrown edges in your lawn, at least do it once a year. If you are preferring to edge once a year, doing it around the end of June is suggested. In this way, your edge will stay fresh for the longest possible time.


A lawn edger is a necessary tool for every house owner. To maintain a neat and clean lawn, it is a must-have item. Though it is not easy to pick the best lawn edger out of all the available options. Tons of models of lawn edger have flooded the market. None, but you can decide which one is the best for you. Do your research and ace your edging game.

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Best Selling Lawn Edgers

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