Best Fertilizer Spreader: Bloom Your Garden In All Seasons

Best Fertilizer Spreader
If you own a garden, no matter big or small, your primary duty always is to maintain your lawn or garden. I am personally a garden enthusiast, and I love to take care of my garden, and for everyone out there like me, a fertilizer spreader is a must-have tool in your collection. Fertilizers are essential to ensure proper growth of grass and flowers, and if you fertilize well your lawn and garden during the spring, you can assure the perfect growth of your garden over the summer.
Proper fertilization will make sure that it disposes of all the little fixes on your garden, and it breathes life into everything much sooner in the developing season. So, if you have a large garden, then spreading fertilizer by hand can be tedious work, and it will also take a considerable time to do it. So, instead of doing it by hand, you can use a fertilizer spreader that will spread your fertilizer evenly. In this article, I have listed down and reviewed five of the best fertilizer spreaders. I have listed down these five best fertilizer spreaders based on their capacity, operation, and functionality.
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Why do you need a Fertilizer spreader

Before choosing the best fertilizer spreader, you have to understand the reasons why do you need a fertilizer spreader in the first place. Down below, I will discuss a few of the essential points that you need to think about while gardening, and that will impact your decision to choose a fertilizer spreader.

Multiple choices of Models

There are numerous sorts of fertilizer spreaders relying upon your necessities. It is not difficult to make a choice depending on how much land you have and how regularly you will utilize the compost spreader. There are broadcast spreaders that are incredible for covering enormous zone area ground, drop spreaders that function admirably on medium to little gardens and littler handheld models that are perfect for small yards.

Save your skin from harmful chemicals.

Fertilizers are made up of chemicals that are very harmful to your skin, so you always should avoid direct contact with fertilizers. Utilizing elective techniques for treatment, for example, the most common way is to use an everyday coffee can with holes, and this always has a high chance of getting your hands filled with harmful chemicals.

Even distribution

When you distribute fertilizer without any fertilizer, there is a chance of uneven distribution in your garden. For example, if you distribute less fertilizer, you can have bare patches, and if there is over distribution, you will end up with burning down of clumps and roots. So, if you want to avoid all of these problems, the best option is going for a suitable fertilizer spreader.

Save your valuable time

Since a fertilizer spreader can be adjusted to precisely apply fertilizer at a rate that you pick, it spares a great deal of time. You don’t need to physically figure or screen application rates, and the fertilizer spreader guarantees that the compost is applied at the right pace with next to zero exertion. The fertilizer spreader makes it simple to use the compost equally, rapidly, and effectively over your whole yard.

Save your money

One of the most beneficial reasons to go for a fertilizer spreader is that it will save a lot of your money. The price of fertilizers is increasing every day, and it is essential to take all possible measures to save your cost.
The best fertilizer spreader will make sure that you don’t overspread your fertilizer, so that ensures you are saving a lot of money. But, in order to use your fertilizer spreader properly, you have to make sure that it’s appropriately calibrated or else you will be wasting a lot of fertilizer.

Top Five best fertilizer spreader

In this part of the article, I will be discussing five of the best fertilizer spreaders for you, and I will be breaking each of them in full detail.
If you are searching for a fertiliser spreader that is portable and easy to carry around, then you have to go for Solo 421 Chest-Mount Spreader. It is designed in such a way that it can spread many different types of chemicals in various types of lands. Since this is a chest-mounted, it is really accurate, and if you are going to use it in smaller gardens or for decorative flowers, then this fertilizer spreader is for you.
It includes the absolute best fertilizer spreader innovation; it is built with a screw-on top that forestalls spillages and waste. It is intended to keep all synthetic concoctions inside the gadget and shield the administrator from residue or flotsam and jetsam. This is an incredibly adaptable gadget that can be utilized for seeds, manures, sand, and even stone salt.
It is intended to spread all garden necessities during the seasons and can help keep up your nursery as I mentioned earlier that this fertilizer spreader is portable and you can easily control it to evenly distribute your fertilizer all over your garden. It can also be used in lands, which are uneven or rocky areas without much hassle.

Pricing and dimension

It has a dimension of “11.2 x 10.5 x 19.4 inches” with a weight of 6.75 pounds, and it has a price on the lower side.

Important Features

Control like no other: The Fingertip switches control stream, volume, and bearing to guarantee an even spread and application.
Comes with a screw-on top : This Screw on the top will ensure that there is no spillage of fertilizers, and this will also make sure that the user is protected from any sort of dust and toxic chemicals.
It offers many different applications : You can use this for many different applications starting from seed to fertilizers or rock sand to salt. This fertilizer spreader is designed to spread fertilizers in all seasons, which will ensure that you will meet all your requirements.
Comes with gear drive and crank handle : Greased up gears, completely encased in the apparatus box, guarantee long life and toughness. The wrench handle conveys a very smooth activity.
The Craftsman Tow broadcast spreader has unique styling and strength with 3/4-in tubing, sharp steel pivot, heat-treated apparatus, and sprocket for longer item life. A widespread connection just interfaces with your rider with a hitch pin making uses of your garden care items speedy and straightforward. Communicate spreaders are best utilized for palletized material and can spread manure, weed control, seed, even ice soften on/off control open from standard rider seats for progressively precise application.

Pricing and dimension

It has a size of “41 x 26 x 25 inches,” and it has a weight of 30.5 pounds. The Craftsman Tow Broadcast Spreader Is moderately priced.

Important Features

Huge Capacity : It comes with a massive capacity of 110 LB Hopper, so it reduces your work of continuously refiling. A large size always means you will have to stop fewer times in between work and get your job done more efficiently.
Can be used in all seasons : You can use this fertilizer spreader in all seasons from spring to summer or from fall to winter. It offers many different applications, depending on the seasons.
Engineered in the USA : The Craftsman Broadcast spreader is made in the USA and built with global materials so, this is a fertilizer spreader that is going to serve you for very long.
Gardening is a hobby that is mostly loved by senior citizens, and if you do not want to push heavy machines, then this battery-powered handheld fertilizer spreader is the best choice for you. In order to use this, you just have to top off the container, and it will cover up to 2,500-square feet of ground, and afterward utilize the 24-scattering speed settings for the best precision.
This model is the perfect machine for flowerbeds and gardens around little condominiums, lofts, and group homes. The framework even accompanies an edge gatekeeper to keep you from showering manure into your flowerbeds. This machine offers the best precision of any of the spreaders right now.
You should simply pull the trigger, and the unit scatters your manure at your picked speed. While this is perhaps the best spreader right now, likewise accompanies a precarious sticker price. In any case, in the event that you have the monetary allowance to save, it settles on a fantastic decision.

Pricing and dimension

The Scotts Fertilizer spreader has a dimension of “13.1 x 8.7 x 8.5 inches” and comes in a very lightweight of 1.15 pounds. This is one of the cheapest fertilizer spreaders in the market at the moment.

Important Features

Ease of use : This is the best spreader in the market for smaller lawns and gardens up to 1,500 square feet area, and you will find it pre-assembled from the market so, this is very easy to use. Moreover, it will deliver you with a maximum along with a smooth amount of power.
Feed, Seed, Melt or Weed : You can Use with any Scotts compost or grass seed items for maximum efficiency to take care of your yard, plant grass seed, and treat weeds. Additionally, you can use it with ice melt throughout the winter.
This drop spreader is perfect for more significant nurseries and gardens. The Turf Builder includes a container that is fit for conveying enough yard compost to cover 5000-square feet in a single meeting. The container requires manual activity. The client pulls the trigger, winding two long plastic spreaders that scatter the manure underneath as you walk.
You can utilize this spreader to scatter fertilizer, garden seed, or even ice dissolve. The solid steel outline includes a powder-covered completion for improved climate opposition and hostile to rusting. With the Turf Builder, you get a 22-inch spread example that is reliable and powerful at dispersing treat quickly.
This model is a reasonable alternative for nursery workers that need an option that is greater than a chest-mounted unit, or that don’t have any desire to wear a spreader while strolling. The enormous breadth wheels likewise move unreservedly over stones and gaps in the nursery, without upsetting the appropriation of the granules.

Pricing and dimension

It has a size of “18 x 19.6 x 15.8 inches,” and it has a weight of 9.2 pounds. The price is moderately affordable.

Important features

Large Coverage area : It covers a large area up to 5000 square feet. Hence, it is very efficient if you own a large lawn and garden.
Comes with a special EdgeGuard : Scotts Turf builder Broadcast spreader comes with a uniquely designed EdgeGuard that block will block the right side of the spreader, and this will keep fertilizer from spreading onto non-gardens territories.
This fertilizer spreader is likely the most well known available, and this is all things considered. Excellent development, EdgeGuard innovation, and an even spread are, for the most part, reasons you ought to consider the Scotts EdgeGuard DLX. One of the drawbacks of most Broadcast Spreaders is the way that it is challenging to apply fertilizer close to the edges of your grass without coincidentally getting it on your ways or nursery beds.
The incredible thing about the Scotts spreader is that it highlights what they call “EdgeGuard” innovation. Sounds extravagant? All things considered, it isn’t. However, it is advantageous. Fundamentally, it’s a bit of plastic that you can slide into a place that shuts the manure from showering out one side – which means you have substantially more command over where it winds up. It has a sensibly huge container, which holds enough fertilizer to conceal to 15,000 square feet and comes pre-adjusted so you can find a good pace away.

Pricing and dimensions

This fertilizer spreader has a size of “19 x 22 x 22 inches” with a weight of 10.8 pounds. The price is reasonable compared to all the features you will be getting with it.

Important features

Pre-Calibrated : It already comes pre-calibrated from the factory, so you don’t have to take the hassle to calibrate it again by yourself. You just but it and it’s ready to use just out of the box.
More Accurate : The Scotts Deluxe fertilizer spreader is very accurate, and it comes with a control panel that you can use to control the precision rate settings according to your needs depending on the amount of area you want to cover with it.
Hopper with huge capacity : The best feature that made me love this spreader is the capacity of the hopper; it can hold up to 15,000 square feet of gardening products, so it saves you from refilling it every time.

Things to consider before you buy a fertilizer spreader

There are many factors that you need to look after in order to choose the best fertilizer spreader. Don’t just read about the products and rush your decision in selecting a fertilizer spreader. Read this section carefully and understand on what basis you need to choose a fertilizer spreader that matches all your requirements.

Types of Fertilizer spreaders

There are three common types of fertilizer spreader; each one has a different use. So, in order to choose the best fertilizer spreader for yourself, make sure to know which type you will need.

Drop Spreader

If you own a large lawn, then drop spreader is the best choice for you since this is designed for more prominent work, and they come with a bigger capacity. You cannot hold a heavy tool for very long, so drop spreaders have to be pushed rather than held or carried. They drop fertilizers and are obviously appropriate for rough territory and unpleasant zones around ranches and other enormous homes.

Handheld Spreaders

These sorts of manure spreaders are for use in littler nurseries. For example if you have a gallery garden at your condo, or pot plants inside, at that point these are the perfect framework for your circumstance. Handheld spreaders are lightweight and straightforward to control, letting you precisely feed your plants.

Broadcast Spreader

These sorts of spreaders are intended to cover huge territories. They can spread fertilizers, and ice melts equitably over land. They are principally utilized for cultivating lands. There are different ways these spreaders can be moved. They can be pulled behind or push forward compost spreaders, albeit a ton of them are intended to be appended to a garden tractor or comparable vehicles.

Storage capacity

The storage capacity of your Fertilizer spreader is an essential factor; it is crucial to keep in head that how much fertilizer your spreader can hold in one go. Less refilling means more efficient and less time-consuming work. So, while choosing the best fertilizer spreader for yourself, choose spreaders with sufficient hopper size so you can finish your job with fewer refills.


Always make sure to choose a spreader that is made of heavy-duty material since you will be using your spreader for outside works, and we all know how messy it can get while working with gardens and lawns. Moreover, you can even bump your spreader on the side of a building. So, don’t go for a spreader that is not made of sturdy and long-lasting materials.

Even Spread of fertilizer

If you go for a fertilizer spreader that doesn’t apply your fertilizer at even and the same rate, then your garden can suffer from burnt spots and have areas that are undernourished. The best fertilizer spreaders will apply the item equitably and at an anticipated rate.

Frequently asked questions

I have tried to cover and discuss most of the primary things that you need to know in order to choose the best fertilizer spreader but, even after that, you might still have some confusion spinning around your head. Hopefully, this question and answers will clear your remaining confusion.

1. What’s the working mechanism of fertilizer spreaders?

Answer: Most of the basic fertilizer spreader comes with a manual system. You will find a pray dispenser, which makes sure that you evenly scatter fertilizer onto the ground, and this is dispersed usually in liquid format. However, there are few commercial spreaders that can throw granules and at very large distances. You can also attach portable spreaders to trucks and tractors and drag them around your fields.

2. How useful is fertilizer for my garden?

Answer: This is the most common question I see people asking. Treating your nursery is a smart thought in the pre-summer and all through the mid-year. By taking care of your plants and grass, it becomes more grounded and sprouts harder. Plant manures include the utilization of supplements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that supplement your plant’s development during the season.

3. Is it possible to use both liquid and granules for my fertilizer spreader?

Answer: Yes, you can use both functions since, in the market, you will find many models that offer both of these functions. The handheld models are typically designed to work with both liquid and granules.  The chest-mounted fertilizer spreaders also can work with both. However, if you are going for bigger models like the cart spreaders, they will only work with granules.


I wrote this article with an aim to give all of you gardeners out there idea on how to choose the best fertilizer spreader for yourself. After reading this article till now, I believe you have an away from how fertilizer spreaders work, how they can profit your nursery, and which model is best for your requirements. In case you’re despite everything experiencing difficulty with settling on your choice, you can depend on one of my best five fertilizer spreaders.
If you wish to keep your gardens and lawn healthy, brilliant, and robust all through the year, then you need to spend on a fertilizer spreader without any second thought. You can browse from handheld, push forward, or trail behind models, all of which vary in territory capacity and force. Fertilizer spreaders are for the individuals who pay attention to their planting and need to deal with their space throughout the entire year. So without further ado, choose the best fertilizer spreader from our shortlist of top five fertilizer spreaders.
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