Best Electric Hedge Trimmer Review: Everything You Need To Know

Best Electric Hedge Trimmer

Gardens had been a part of a house for hundreds of years. The first documented case of someone complaining about trimming their lawn goes back to the Neolithic Period, more or less 2,000 to 4,000 BC. Fortunately, the modern generation has access to the power tools that previous generations could have dreamed of most effectively. But which one is the best electric hedge trimmer for you? Now that spring holidays are here, and summertime is coming in, you may need one quickly, in case you don’t need human beings to ridicule your shrub cruelly.

The first impressions count. The impression starts from the outside of your property before anyone sets foot inside your front door. This means your lawn creates the first impression before someone enters your house. Considering this reason, you can find the perfect hedge trimmer to help you handle the hedges, bushes, and trees that surround your home. It doesn’t have to be hard work, and with the right hedge trimmer, it can be a fun activity for you to participate in.

hedge trimmer

Most people choose to spend money on the best hedge trimmer for the jobs they need in their garden, as this helps to reduce significantly the cost of needing assistance from gardeners, particularly as months and years begin to add up. In short, if you have a hedge in your garden, you need an electric hedge trimmer! It’s going to give you clean, sharp lines and instant effect.

The electric hedge trimmer is lighter and well balanced, giving you the freedom to move effortlessly, while still possessing modern innovative technology. It makes reaching up and around tall or large hedges much less problematic. The best electric hedge trimmer has a range that uses batteries. The batteries are interchangeable between products. It means that in your hedge trimmer, you can use the same voltage battery from your lawn trimmer.

Once you buy electric trimmers, make sure they are the best tool to meet your needs. There are some big upshots of using an electronic device, but a few downsides to being mindful of as well. Since you’re dealing with live power cords and sharp blades, it’s essential to make safety a priority when working with corded hedge clippers. Below is a list of the top best electric hedge trimmer options currently available in the market to help you buy the right hedge trimmer for all your needs.

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Best electric hedge trimmers reviewed!

If you’re looking for a low-cost, lightweight electric trimmer, the Greenworks version should be the best electric hedge trimmer for you. The first thing to consider is that it contains another hedge trimmer, so it’s got all the pros and the cons. On the plus side, reliable fuel, no massive battery, and there’s no need to watch the battery achieve full charge. Moreover, you should be constantly aware of where that shiny orange wire is located.
The Greenworks hedge trimmer has a 4 amp electric motor that helps any gardener to do any kind of work quickly, safely, and effectively. The engine here is smaller than you would expect for a cheaper machine. The four amps cut the thinner branches of up to five-eighths of an inch. If you have a hedge with whipping stems, it’s going to do it all right. But don’t try to cut the base of your overgrown hedges.
It has a 22-inch blade that is dual-motion and is made of steel for toughness, over-performance, and ease of handling. It can cut branches up to five/eight inches thick, making it the perfect tool for trimming wood and hedges within your garden, which may want to prune frequently.
This hedge trimmer is lightweight, so it doesn’t make your palms heavy or restrict your stability while being used for long periods or in awkward positions, like upside-down ladders. Cleverly, it also comes with a wire lock feature that prevents the plug from being pulled out of the socket and from stopping work while you’re halfway through work.
There are a few features that make this electric hedge trimmer one of the best electric hedge trimmers of all time. First of all, this is an excellent machine for first-time buyers. It provides flexibility, balance, versatility, and enough power to meet the usual maintenance needs of most homeowners. Black & Decker offers a whole variety of hedge trimmers, but there’s a lot to love about their BEHT200. This isn’t an expensive trimmer – it’s the second cheapest to make our list. But that doesn’t mean the features are short.
This model has some features to take into account, particularly given the very reasonable price tag. The inline design provides an excellent balance and combined with the fact that this 6.5-pound tool is exceptionally lightweight, this hedge trimmer has a high degree of operational capability.
Additionally, the capacity to rotate the handle a complete 180° makes it a strong preference for the type of precision work that you want to get a professional finish on compact and dense shrubs. It is of low vibration, which makes it more comfortable to operate.
Ultimately, this is a reliable tool available at a reasonable price. It has the features that make it possible for those newcomers who has zero knowledge about hedge trimming, while at the same time providing enough extras to please a more professional landscaper.

3. Remington RM5124TH 5-Amp 24-Inch with Dual Action Titanium Blades:

A notch up in the list of best electric hedge trimmer, this Remington trimmer has a 5-amp motor. If you’ve already opted to use an electric trimmer, you’re already getting a lot of power for your bucket, along with the advantages of low maintenance engines, quiet and non-smoking service, and lower vibration rates.
At most powerful 6.5 pounds, this is a totally lightweight gadget to be easy to handle for just about everyone. The blades here are 24 inches long. If you have a garden with larger hedges and shrubs, this is going to be a higher option. And you’ll be able to take care of thicker branches with ease.
Right here, the dual-action blades are coated with titanium, making them highly durable and vibratory-reducing. They’re also getting a healthy minimize. That’s going to help keep your hedge safe–the injured can easily hold on to broken or bruised branches. But, there’s not a lot of extras going on with this range. For starters, you won’t be able to rotate the pinnacle or manage to achieve sufficient angles for precision trimming. If you have an effortless trimming to do, this may not be a problem for you now.
If you’re working on a $50 budget, that’s a strong preference for your outdoor power equipment. Ultimately, that’s an excellent trimmer with some fantastic features. When Remington makes a brand new model, they might be able to type out those irritating safety switches.
electric hedge trimmer
Trimming the hedge around your compound gives you one of the most beautiful views where you can have the most beautiful surroundings. CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer offers all the performance you need, as it has a 4.0 amp engine that provides power to handle difficult trimming tasks.
The trimmer comes in a unique design with a 22-inch double-acting sharp blade that can penetrate up to 3/4 cuts on sturdy branches. It can easily cut 1.5-inch branches in thickness, removing all departments for a fresh and healthy hedge that looks beautiful.
Secure yourself and your hedge trimmer with the technologically advanced CRAFTSMAN electric hedge trimmer, with its Star security-enhanced controls to eliminate any overloading and overheating that may occur unintentionally. This CRAFTSMAN hedge trimmer has a 2,700 impressively healthy SPM.
It’s got a dual-sided blade, so you’re always precise when you cut it, and it’s still easy to do that, combing with its anti-vibration feature for your convenience. This hedge trimmer is 25 percent quieter than the average at 87db and weighs just 9 pounds, and is lighter than many.
As the battery charges quickly – expect it to take less than an hour–and you’re supposed to get over an hour of fuel. Several people had issues with the battery keeping its charge despite repeated use. Such battery issues seem to apply to quality control, as they are far from universal experience. On the plus side, the trimmer comes with an available three-year warranty.
If you have tall hedges, then it’s worth considering an extended reach trimmer. This particular version reaches the best electric hedge trimmer list as it provides a 2-in-1 contract since it is possible to use it with or without the extension pole as a pleasing bonus. With 4.8 amps of consistent strength and laser cut blades, this version provides plenty of power cutting for bushes, shrubs, and small tree limbs below 3⁄4 inch.
Several features allow this model to stand out as an outstanding electric hedge trimmer for tall hedges. It has very well-positioned handles, which can be filled with soft rubber, allowing a lot of shocks to be absorbed so that you can use this machine longer. Besides, handguards and shoulder straps are uploaded to secure this version.
Some owners would find that the entire 9-inch extension is a lot to suit their requirements. It is possible to adjust the angle of the head (6 positions) and the handle (5 areas). This makes this set a terrific choice if you’re looking for a unique and professional end to your hedges.
The main drawback of this hedge trimmer is that the pole is mounted to the rear of the machine, which means that the pressure of the motor is going to give up the power. This will cause some friction that could make it difficult for the novices to navigate.

Types of electric hedge trimmers

You may be shopping for a bundle of hedge trimmers if you need to cut bushes or hedges. There are several different styles and varieties available, and this article will provide descriptions of the three basic types of hedge trimmers sold in most home improvement centers:

1. Electric Hedge Trimmers:

Electric hedge trimmers are best suited to smaller gardens. They are small and cheap, but they need to be attached to the main plug socket. Given the duration of the cable, you might want an extension to be reached in your yard. Electric hedge trimmers are typically relatively cheaper and very lightweight.

2. Cordless trimmers:

Most appropriate for medium-sized gardens, cordless trimmers do not restrict your mobility, meaning that you can slice anywhere, even at the long end of your yard. Cordless trimmers are also electrically powered hedge trimmers but do not require electrical wiring. Alternatively, they use a rechargeable battery to provide the energy needed to run the computer.

3. Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers:

Gas trimmers have more power and offer a more extended time reduction. These are particularly beneficial for extensive hedging of lawns or hedges that might be thick and overgrown.

Things to consider before buying an electric hedge trimmer

You need to consider multiple factors into account to find the best electric hedge trimmer for you and your garden. Consider the following factors before buying the electric hedge trimmer of your choice:


Once you purchase Electric Hedge Trimmers, you need to make sure that you buy a high-performance trimmer that allows you to work with ease. Leaving them out unattended or connected to the main plug socket may cause an accident. You should increase your trimmer’s arm width, but without making it too heavy to support you. Trimmers are the ideal way to cut overhead trees, shrubs, or in hard-to-reach area trees where you’ve never been able to work before.


Make sure you buy Electric Hedge Trimmers that can perform the hardest trimming tasks with ease while also providing a reliable power link, whether using a portable battery or a corded power source.  Thinking about where you’re going to cut, trimming and pruning will help you make a big decision about which hedge trimmer to buy. If you have many water sources or features within your yard, it is probably more important that you take into account the power source of your new hedge trimmer than the regular trimmer that you used to use every day. You shouldn’t trim the shrubs near the pool area with the power on. This is because when water touches the trimmer, it causes electrocution.


When you know that you’re going to have to use the hedge trimmer that you’re considering buying for hours on end, then you want to worry about how much the hedge trimmer weighs. You don’t want to keep stopping just because your arms are tired, because that’s going to take you to double the length of time. Another weight factor is whether you’re going to use a hedge trimmer while on a ladder. Look for Electric Hedge Trimmers that come with an ergonomic design that allows you to keep and operate for a long time without fatigue. Search for a compact and lightweight, ergonomic handle for convenience.


You’re going to want a sharp blade, but you should consider the consequences of the edge as well. You should review the main key points that you need to cut with your hedge trimmer first. Since anything above the prescribed width doesn’t just hurt your hedge trimmer, it can cause an accident for you too. If your trees have thicker branches that need to be cut or a more impenetrable hedge, you might want a hedge trimmer that can hack through branches more than 1⁄2 inch thick, think of a hedge trimmer with a cutting capacity of 3⁄4 inch and not 3/8 inch. You are advised to buy Electric Hedge Trimmers that can support you for a long time, manage the hardest trimming tasks with ease, and use a powerfully built structure to make you realize the value of your investment.

Safety First:

Hedge trimmers are potentially dangerous bits of kit, so they all come with some kind of safety switch. These are designed to allow two hands to start the trimmer, preventing unintended start-ups. Many trimmers need two sides to disengage the safety switches, but they can be controlled with one hand. We’ve got mixed feelings about this. This allows you more control when you’re cutting in rough areas. But it’s not smart to cut one-handed. If you’ve got to do it at all, take great care of it. And get the second hand back on your grip as quickly as possible.


The amount of wave generated by hedge trimmers is not only exhausting on the body, but it also makes you very exhausted because your muscles need to overcompensate the movement caused by vibration to hold the hedge trimmer in place. This can be very wary, especially for users with medical complaints or people of advanced age. It is, therefore, a good idea to look for hedge trimmers with reduced vibration technologies within them. Vibration is also the key reason for a lack of accuracy when it comes to cutting. You need to have the least wave when it comes to cutting your bushes or trees for clean and accurate lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of oil is to be used on your hedge trimmer?

Most hedge trimmers come with the company’s instruction manual. It’s not as critical as how much you oil your trimmer and how well you lubricate it. Nonetheless, the oil you choose can make a huge difference. Stick to fresh oils and keep them cool in cold, dry places.

2. How do you sharpen your hedge trimmer?

There’s more than one way you can sharpen your hedge trimmer.
Use a file: the easiest way to sharpen your hedge trimmer blade is by using a hedge trimmer. This method allows you to stay in complete control of how the blade is sharpened.
Use a power grinder: you need to keep the blade firmly to place. You may have to adjust these positions so often that you get a better view and angle of the edges. Hold the strokes short as you stripe the edges down. For the best result, each edge should be done individually.

3. How Long Does a Cordless Hedge Trimmer Last?

If you have a large yard where you’re going to do a lot of trimming and pruning, you’ll probably need a battery that lasts for a few hours. If you do not know how to check for this, the battery Ah (amp-hours) meter will explain how long the battery will last. In short, the larger the number, the longer the operating time.

4. What's the difference between a hedge trimmer and a hedge cutter?

The Hedge Cutter is used for more difficult tasks. When the bushes have long leaves and shrubs, you use a hedge cutter for that job. Here, the branches are dense, so they are more physically heavy and need more energy which is not provided by the hedge cutter. This is why, in such cases, Hedge Trimmer is used. These trimmers are useful for cutting large areas and perform heavy-duty jobs.

5. What's the value of the dual-action blade hedge trimmer?

In fact, a dual-action trimmer would increase the efficiency of your blades because you have the strength of two saws instead of one, making the tool much simpler to use. The rotation of the modules also helps reduce the chances of jams and snags happening during cutting.


These are the ones that made to the list of the best electric hedge trimmer in the current decade. As you can see, each of the trimmers has unique features that encourage high performance and ease of use. All hedge trimmers are available on the market at the most affordable price. It’s time for you to choose the one that best suits your needs and buy today.

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