Five Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer: A Complete Reiview & Buyer’s Guide

best cordless hedge trimmer
Trimming overgrown hedges can be difficult at times, especially when you are a busy person. Using a pair of shears can be time-consuming. Still, there is a possibility that the final result would not satisfy you if you are not professional at this. This is where hedge trimmers come in handy. Using a hedge trimmer can secure a lot of your time and effort. Hedge trimmer is a very effective gardening tool. A cordless one is more useful due to its lightweight design. There are different types of hedge trimmers available in the market. If you are struggling to pick the best cordless hedge trimmer, you have landed at the right place.

Why use a cordless hedge trimmer?

It is good to trim your overgrown shrubs at least three times a year to keep it neat and clean. If you want to do it using your hands, it will require so much effort and patience. Thankfully, hedge trimmers are here to make our jobs easier. There are electric powered hedge trimmers, gas-powered hedge trimmers, petrol hedge trimmers, cordless hedge trimmers, and many more. It entirely depends on you that which kind you would prefer to choose. However, cordless hedge trimmer comes with some benefits. Here are some of the advantages that you would gain by using a cordless hedge trimmer-
  • Lightweight: It is incredibly lightweight compared to other types of hedge trimmers available, which makes it super useful. Carrying the trimmers becomes a lot easier.
  • Easy to use: Using cordless hedge trimmers are comparatively easy and fun. You do not have to care about the length of the cord.
  • Freedom: The distinct advantage of using a cordless one is the freedom you get. You can roam around in your garden without any tension. It is safe to work with a cordless hedge trimmer.
  • Causes no sound pollution: It reduces the need for wearing ear protectors and, again, working with a hedge trimmer that makes sound can bother your neighbors. If you use a cordless hedge trimmer, it can bring the solution for you.
  • Replaceable batteries: You can replace the batteries easily and quickly. You would not have to buy the whole machine every time. It is a useful method for saving money
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Top six cordless hedge trimmers to buy

Maintaining the yard without a piece of suitable equipment is not possible. If you are stuck in an inescapable maze of choosing the best cordless hedge trimmer, this article is here to save you. We have listed down the top six cordless hedge trimmers that you can buy. Let us have a look –
black-decker trimmer
Running out of power during the operation of taking down the unwanted bushes can be bothering. If you are in search of a hedge trimming tool that would not run out of power while you are working, a black decker’s cordless hedge trimmer can be an optimal option for you. It comes with a 40-volt battery, which extends its life span.
Moreover, this lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and replaceable. It can be addressed as the best cordless hedge trimmer from our given list. It has got a 24-inch dual-action blade that causes less amount of vibration. It can trim branches up to 3/4 inches thick. It has a full wrap-around front handle, which makes it super comfortable and easier to hold. It can trim an area of 6000 squares feet per charge. The package includes LHT2436 trimmer, LBXR36 40-volt lithium-ion battery, 40-volt fast charger, operating instructions.
Price:You can purchase the product by spending $129.75 from Amazon, which also includes a battery. The bare tool will cost you $68.07.
ego hedge trimmer
If you are a fan of gas-powered hedge trimmer but do not like the sound it makes, you can prefer buying ego power HT2400 cordless hedge trimmer. Because it can beat up some of the premium gas-powered models and deliver the same level of performance without the noise. It provides a smooth cut that promotes the health of your plants. It has been structured in a way to keep the user’s hand secured. It can chop thickest branches of hedges using its two durable 24-inch blades. You can use it to cut branches that are up to 3/4 inches thick. The electronic brake system allows you to shut off the engine quickly if something goes wrong.
Price:Ordering the product from Amazon might cost you between $109 to $129.
black-decker trimmer
If you are looking for a trimmer that is both comfortable to use and can give you precise cutting, black decker’s LHT2220B cordless hedge trimmer can be an ideal option for you. It comes with a 20-volt battery that can trim an area of 3000 square feet in a single charge. It has the 22-inch dual-action blades which can cut branches more quickly and cut branches that are up to 3/4 inches thick.  You will find your entire yard looking neat and clean in no time.
Price:From Amazon, you can order it spending 71.50$. Including a 20-volt battery will cost you $174.82.
Greenworks has several gardening tools, and green work’s 40-volt cordless hedge trimmer is one of them. It is specially structured for DIY lovers and homeowners who love to keep their lawn neat and clean. It can cut different types of trees easily and quickly. Its blade length is 24 inches, and its cutting capacity is up to 2/3 inches. If you desire a complete yard system, you can purchase this one as it comes with a 2AH battery and a charger. It allows the user to trim from multiple angles as you can rotate the rear handle at 180-degree angles. A very efficient option for regular jobs. The battery runs for about 50 minutes. It can be addressed as the best cordless hedge trimmer for home use.
Price:You can buy it from Amazon, which will cost you $120.74.

Things you need to put under consideration to choose the best cordless hedge trimmer

If you are a first-time buyer, finding the perfect and best cordless hedge trimmer can be a tough job to accomplish. If something proves to be useful for someone that necessarily does not mean that will work for you too. Thus, you need to follow a proper buying instruction guide to purchase your first cordless hedge trimmer. There are few factors one needs to keep on mind before investing his or her money on any product.  Some of them have been listed down below-


Your instinct might tell you the most powerful one is the best cordless hedge trimmer. But that is not the case. The gas-powered trimmers are the most powerful ones, but here we are talking about the cordless ones. Some cordless trimmers can beat gas-powered trimmers in performance, but some other disadvantages come along with power. They need higher maintenance and might not be suitable for the type of task you want to complete. Before buying the most powerful one, ask your self, do you even need that much power?

Types of blade

There are two things that one person needs to consider about the trimmers. There are a single-sided blade and a double-sided blade. If it is your first time using a hedge trimmer, it is recommended to buy those blades that are one-sided. It is a lot safer to work with one-sided blades as you can keep the trimmer’s edge faced away from you. Again, if you have the experience, double-sided blades should not be a problem for you.

Blade length

Determine the width of the hedge that you want to cut. Longer blades are more suitable for more mature hedges. It is not possible to trim thicker hedges with smaller blades. Blades that ranges between 300 mm to 400 mm should be sufficient for smaller sizes of fences.

Teeth spacing

The space between blade teeth can create a significant impact on the performance of your hedge trimmer. Usually, the best commercial hedge trimmer maintains a gap of an inch or more. But if you are buying one for home uses only, smaller blade gaps can deliver you with satisfying results. It depends on the different types of branches.

Give a brand check

Try to purchase branded products. Even though it might cost you a few more extra bucks, but a branded product is a lot more reliable. A company cannot earn the brand overnight. Companies invest in various ways to cement their reputation in the market. One single lousy product can spoil their image. On the other hand, the right product can redefine their image. Brand tells you what to expect from the company.

Battery life

Battery is an essential factor when it comes to a cordless hedge trimmer. You cannot function the machine without the battery. And the battery itself can add an extra amount of weight to the trimmer. Try to find a trimmer that provides a power source with a longer life span to complete your task in one shot. If you have simple jobs to be done, then you can ignore buying batteries with a long life. Some hedge trimmers automatically turn off when it runs out of its life. You surely would not want to get your trimmer tangled in branches. Some trimmers signal before dying. So look for such hedge trimmers. Look if it is replaceable or not!

Recharging time

Before buying one, know how long it takes to get the battery fully charged. Some batteries run out of life quickly, but it takes a lot of time to get charged. These types of batteries will kill a lot of your time. Try to ignore those!

Size and weight of the machine

The size and weight of your hedge trimmer can have an impact on your performance. You might feel losing it if the trimmer is way too light. On the contrary, it would be extremely difficult to move around a heavy trimmer. Try to find a trimmer that maintains a balance. The battery itself also adds up an extra amount of weight to the machine. Look for small battery hedge trimmers, if the power is enough for your job to get done. Again it also depends on your capability of carrying one. Before buying one, judge your weight and strength too. It is ideal to buy a cordless hedge trimmer that feels natural to use.


When it comes to hedge trimmers, gripping matters. Utilizing hedge trimmers with patience requires comfortability. If you are not able to hold the trimmer as you want, you would not be able to focus on your task and will end with an unsatisfied result. Try to look for those hedge trimmers that provide easy gripping. In this case, a wrapper around handles gives you a more comfortable situation to work.

The hedge

Before buying the cordless hedge trimmer, you need to consider the size of your bushes. How big or small it is? Is it suitable for the job you are aiming to complete? Buy one according to your preferences. Some people purchase trimmers only for cutting down the hedges. Again, some people are concerned about the tiny details where mistakes are not accepted to be made. Different types of cordless trimmers are available for different sizes of bushes. Search for the best hedge trimmer for thick branches. Do your research before you buy one.

On lock option and Off lock option

On lock option allows you to use the hedge trimmer for a more extended period as you would not have to hold the trigger down the entire time. But it can be a bit riskier if you forget to turn it off, especially if you have kids at home. To avoid the risk, buy one that comes with off lock features. It reduces the risk of accidents.

Dual switches

Some of the hedge trimmers have dual switches. It requires the involvement of both of your hands, which also reduces the risk of accidents. In this way would be able to control the tool more carefully.


Look for the product that comes with a warranty. If you face any manufacturer defects, a warranty confirms that you will get your money back. Know the terms and conditions before buying one for yourself. It is an essential factor as it provides assurance to consumers.


Before jumping into the market, bring your budget into consideration. If you are short of cash, do not go for the super expensive ones. There are many good hedge trimmers in the market which come with a decent price tag. Those trimmers are affordable and can deliver you with excellent performance. If you are ordering a hedge trimmer online, make sure to look at the shipping cost as well. Dig well before you invest.

Read reviews

It is a good practice to read online reviews before buying any particular product. It would not be wise to entirely depend on the reviews as opinions can vary from user to user. But in this way, you would be able to make an initial guess about the product’s quality.


No matter which hedge trimmer you are working with, you need to take proper care of the hedge trimmer to make it last longer. The life span of a cordless hedge trimmer not solely depends on the quality of the product itself but also depends on the level of care it is receiving. An excellent cordless hedge can be expensive. So you cannot afford to buy it once in a while.
Read the manufacturer’s instruction of your product and take care according to it. Keep an eye on the blades. Do not continue your work with blunt edges. It will not only degrade the level of your performance but will also affect your machine. Try to sharpen the blades after a certain amount of time. If sharpening is not working anymore, replace old blades with new ones if possible. Also, take proper care of your battery. Do not overcharge it. Else the battery will get damaged. Keep your hedge trimmer clean and keep it in a safe place.
hedge trimmer

FAQ Section

Is there any difference between a hedge trimmer and a hedge cutter?

One can use hedge cutters for more heavy tasks. Cutting large areas and thicker branches require a lot of strength. Hedge trimmers are good for more lightweight jobs. Try to find the best cordless hedge trimmer for better performance.

What to do to avoid uneven cut?

Even cuts depend on your blades and your skills. If the edges are not sharp enough, it will result in uneven cuts. Again the blade might not be suitable for the hedge that you are targeting to cut. Read the operating instructions and adjust the tension between them.

How long a cordless hedge trimmer can work in one charge?

It relies on the type of task you are aiming to accomplish. Usually, an average trimmer lasts for about 40 minutes to 1 hour.

How long it takes to charge a battery of a cordless hedge trimmer?

An average charger of a cordless hedge trimmer can take about 1 hour to get fully charged.

Can we use a hedge trimmer to cut branches?

One should use loppers to cut thick branches. Bushes with more extended heights are easy to trim down using extended blades.

When is the ideal time to trim down hedges?

Late winter is the ideal time to trim hedges.


A hedge trimmer is one of the essential gardening tools. There are many types of hedge trimmers available, but a cordless one is the combination of ease of working with efficiency and productivity. Picking out the best cordless hedge trimmer can be a bit complicated. But once you acquire the necessary knowledge about a cordless hedge trimmer, you would be able to choose the best cordless hedge trimmer with battery and charger. Try to find out what is best for you and ace your trimming game.

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