Best Corded String Trimmer: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Corded String Trimmer
Corded electric string trimmers are helpful accessories because they work well in those regions where the lawnmower cannot reach. It’s the perfect tool used to keep the edges of your lawn or garden. In addition to manicure tree trunks and round fence sticks, it gives a beautiful and comfortable walkway.
The variation in the list of string trimmers present on the market has different features, weight, and layout. These string trimmers have all the specific elements which are only applicable to one particular house, and they provide all the functionality that you require to keep your garden neat and clean.
Lawn mowers are available in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you look at all models so that you get a high-quality tool for your work. While this means that there is a wide range of options out there, it also makes it very difficult for you to choose the best corded string trimmer for your lawn.

Reason to choose the best corded string trimmer:

man works with string trimmer
Corded electric string trimmers are of high quality for DIY house owners who do not have a lot of gardens to maintain, or who have clean areas where the extension cord does not prevent movement.
This form of electrical powered plant-eater comes with a 120 volt AC power cable that needs to be plugged into an electrical socket. Although these do not provide the required versatility that gasoline-driven or cordless string trimmers can provide, many homeowners do not need that mobility. They’re quiet, eco-friendly, low-cost, and useful.
The main advantage of string trimmers is that they can be a practical accessory to garden mowers. The other benefits of string trimmers are that they can be incredibly affordable, lightweight, and easy to save and use. Due to the compressed head of a string trimmer, it’s perfect for getting into narrow areas.
It helps to level those areas to the height of the comfort of your lawn. String trimmers are also adaptable and can remove weeds and even cast off sturdy grass or weedy patches that creep through cracks inside the sidewalk.
There are some factors to consider if you want to purchase the best corded string trimmer. Starting with:
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Best Corded String Trimmers Reviewed!

Below is the list of the top 5 products that not only meet the requirements stated above but also will make sure you are assertive about which best corded string trimmer you want to purchase.
Black & decker string Trimmer
BLACK & DECKER has made helpful strength devices and accessories since 1910, and their GH900 String Trimmer is one of the most beautiful lawn equipment in its class. With a massive 13 “cutting swath and an Automatic Feed Spool system that removes the need to bump your tool and automatically feeds the line you want, the GH900 reduces the time you spend on your garden.
It provides the ideal trimmer with approximately 6.5-amp power. It offers the best power command for fast feed. The smooth feed allows the user to move forward with the push button without any bumps. The powerful engine with PowerDrive transmission helps to eradicate all kinds of hard weeds, grass, and overgrowth in a matter of seconds.
The Black & Decker product works both as a trimmer and edger, depending on the needs of its users. To move one point to the next, rotate the shaft to a certain angle. Thanks to the lightweight nature, the product can be easily carried out from one position to another with an adjustable handle.
The ideal and strong electric string comes with a 6.5-amp and14-inch length. It has better trimming and edge power. The electric lawn trimmer offers better auto-feed spool technology that removes all sorts of bumps for the next line. The PowerDrive transmission stops trimmers from getting bogged down and gives you a terrific job.
With PowerDrive transmission, this powerful tool has more cutting power than other rival fashions on the market. Furthermore, the GH900 String trimmer head can be rotated 180 degrees for provided flexibility, enabling you to switch tool-unfastened between cutting and cutting tasks.
Black decker trimmer
BLACK & DECKER, one of the best corded string trimmer of this era, happens to be one of the rising trimmers, and once more with the 13-Inch, 5-Amp (ST8600) String Trimmer, it has managed to rise to the top.
This versatile electric powered trimmer is a part of the brand’s PowerCommand line and gives the vital energy, features, and performance that you want to keep your house searching neat and clean.
The cordless trimmer is compatible with a wide range of outdoor energy equipment for improved performance. For optimum overall performance, the 13-Inch, 5-Amp (ST8600) String Trimmer is designed with PowerDrive transmission for increased torque and reduced power and 2-speed handling, which will allow you to choose between extra energy and longer walking time.
With EASY FEED, this flexible battery-operated trimmer allows you to feed your cutting line with a simple press of a button, and its 13 “sliding swath enables you to make short paints of even the harshest conditions in the backyard.
Designed with 2-in-1 versatility, this cordless trimmer allows you to move quickly from the trimmer to the wheeled edger in several seconds. And with a micro-texture smooth grip handle, soft top and back, and a lightweight build, it offers personal comfort during extended use.
This trimmer has a power command dial that allows the user to choose between MAX Power and MAX Runtime. The user should be able to adjust the power transmission so that we can send more power from the engine to the string so that we can cut the thick and overgrown grass.
This trimmer operates consistently without even stopping because it has an automatic feed spool. The trimmer is convenient, as it is possible to switch from trimmer to edger within seconds.
Greenworks Trimmer
The Greenworks 21142 10-amp electric motor makes it one of the most potent trimmers out there.  Of course, everything else aside, to be the best cordless string trimmer, it is essential to have the necessary power as a gas-powered weed eater. Still, Greenworks 21142 can undoubtedly hold its own and cut better than many gas-powered trimmers.
The Greenworks 21142 corded string trimmer features a bump feed and is capable of attachment. Meaning that you should buy blower, edger, hedge trimmer, and tree attachments, making the device extremely versatile. The power of the twine is light and heavy-duty.
It is incredibly lightweight, has a straight shaft, and has a smooth design. It’s effortless to use, and it’s a perfect option for people with small yards, a nearby power source, and want a lawn edger to compliment your lawnmower.
The ten -amp motor of this electric string trimmer generates an incredible amount of power, making it easy to handle most grassy conditions quickly and efficiently. An 18 “cutting diameter is perfect for speeding up your yard work. However, with a dual-line auto-feed system, you never have to worry about bumping your feed line machine while you’re working.
But due to the limited range provided by a corded trimmer, it is not practical for large yards; it is the perfect tool for the efficient maintenance of a smaller property.
This string trimmer has an electrical start that is almost instant and has no gas hassle. The trimmer is smaller and has less noise and vibration and is easy to use. The auxiliary handle of this trimmer is adjustable, giving the user comfort and convenience. The rope lock of this trimmer is also very convenient.
Sun-Joe Trimmer
The Sun Joe TRJ13STE Trimmer Joe 13″ 4-Amp String Trimmer is one of the best options for anyone looking for a lightweight, compact, corded trimmer. The four-amp motor of this electric string trimmer generates an incredible amount of power, making it easy to handle most grassy conditions quickly and efficiently.
A 13 “cutting diameter is perfect for speeding up your lawn work. With a dual-line auto-feed system, you don’t have to worry about bumping your feed line computer while you’re running.
The model retains its qualities to be one of the best corded string trimmer, present in the market.  Its fast electrical start helps you to turn on this electric trimmer with just a touch of a button.
It prevents you from not to be confused. The 21212 Trimmer is exceptionally reliable and easy to use. And due to having a 5.2 lb. body, it’s also one of the lightest models on the market today.
This electric trimmer has a powerful 4- amp motor that powers within the push of the button. It is ideal for cutting and trimming grass along the edge of flower beds.
The trimmer has a Twist -N-Groom 180 degrees rotating head, which allows the user to switch it from trimmer to an edger within a second. The weight of this trimmer is just 5.6 pounds, and it is, therefore, secure and comfortable to control. It also has an adjustable telescopic shaft and an ergonomic handle.
Black Decker trimmer
This landscape edger is incredibly bendy because it has the right, left-handed assist handles. The region has a powerful 6.5 Amp engine that produces 68 kgs of torque which is 680 N of force. It allows the person to change the blade to a few places.
It is active and can be put to multiple uses, including edging around hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks, trenching around trees, garden beds, and boundaries for different purposes.
It has a pull-up edge manual that moves quickly from the edger to the trencher. It comes with built-in wire retention, which is key to ensuring that the extension wire is stable.
It allows for easy conversion from trimmer to edger. It is suitable for pruning grass in areas hard to reach and for maintenance edging.  It has a Smart-Edge mode that provides very straight and cleaner edge performance.
The Black and Decker machine works both as trimmer and edger, depending on the needs of its users. Only rotate it to move from one to another. Cord retention avoids any kind of unintended disconnection of the cord.  Use the wheel edge guide to offer a beautiful finish to your lawn around flower beds, sidewalks, and driveways.

What to Consider When you are buying a String Trimmer

When you’re done mowing your lawn, there are still some unwanted weeds and grass around your flower beds, bushes, walkways, and fences that should be looked after. Sadly, the lawnmower isn’t going to get you to the spots. This is where the trimmer is coming in. When you’re done with garden waste, throwing it in a composter bin can have great benefits.
String trimmers finish what your lawnmower started, get those hard-to-reach spots, and leave your backyard with a beautiful, manicured look. But with various patterns and alternatives available, it may be challenging to settle on the best trimmer for your needs. By choosing the best corded string trimmer for your lawn, you must consider some of the factors that you should know before purchasing the string trimmer.

1. Power Source:

There are two forms of string trimmer on the market today: powered by electricity and powered by petrol. Gas trimmers provide the most cutting power and are ideal for landscaping professionals and homeowners with large homes. The downside to fuel-powered trimmers is that they are the most expensive and heavy-duty models on the market, making them a lousy wish for anyone looking for a lightweight, inexpensive unit.
Cordless trimmers run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and let you use your out-of-the-box tool to attach it to a power wire. Cordless trimmers offer less power than gas models, but they are also cheaper and lighter. The downside is that they are not practical for large-scale, heavy-duty applications because your batteries may run out.
Cordless trimmers can charge between $100 and $200. Corded trimmers want to be plugged into work, but they are also the cheapest and lightest design available on the market. Such methods are best suited to smaller houses where it’s not a concern to be connected by an extension twine. But when you’ve got a big house, you’re better off buying a cordless or fuel version because they’re way more compact. Corded fashions can run from $30 to $90.

2. Cutting width:

The second thing to bear in mind is the width of the trimmer to be removed. The length of the cutting diameter corresponds to the degree to which the trimmer can create a cutting line. Models may have a cutting range as narrow as 10″ to as wide as 18″. If you have a small backyard and tight spaces that need to be protected, then the compact width is beautiful. But when you have significant assets and are looking for green results, a model with a cutting breadth of at least 16″ is recommended.

3. Shaft Style:

Trimmers come with three shaft options: instant, curved, and adjustable. Each of these shaft styles has its advantages and disadvantages. The straight shaft trimmer is the best for trimming tight spaces thanks to its inline nature.
It’s also safer to get under obstacles together with shrubs, floors, and benches. The downside is that the shafts will suddenly be a bit unwieldy to handle. The curved shaft trimmer offers a higher control of its curved form.
The shaft helps you to push it to the tightest spots with ease manually. The disadvantage is that curved shaft trimmers are challenging to maneuver below wood and under different objects. Curved and straight shaft fashions also feature customizable shaft features.
This feature allows you to exchange your tool’s running height. This is highly recommended because it helps you to get to areas that you could not usually reach.
It is also one in every standard if more than one individual uses the trimmer as you think that they can pick the operating top that is right for them.

4. Single or Dual-Feed Line:

String trimmers are equipped with an individual or dual-feed line. Single-line heads make it easier to wind when installing a new trimming line and are ideal for small gardens and lawns.
But if you want a machine that cuts more significant properties faster, a dual-line is suggested as these devices cut twice with each revolution.

5. Weight:

The weight of your trimmer is a critical factor that needs to be considered. Since you’re going to carry it around your yard, you need a functional device to carry. Since the weight of string trimmers may vary from 5 lbs to 20 lbs, this is where some trade-offs may be required.
Gas-powered trimmers appear to be the heaviest on the market, but they deliver the most power.The best corded string trimmer can be found in various versions, such as small as 5 lbs, but have a limited working range.
For most homes with medium-sized yards, a cordless trimmer is one of the best options since it leverages incredible cutting strength in a package that is heavier than a corded tool but significantly lighter than a gas model.

Types of string trimmers

A number of string trimmers with a variety of different features are available on the market. They can be categorised to three main groups: gas-driven, battery-driven, or corded.
Gas-driven string trimmer: Gas-driven string trimmer uses fuel for working, as the name suggests. Normally, they run on 2-cycle fuel, which allows the engine to blend gas and oil. The gas-powered models give a longer run time than the battery-powered models and are typically lighter in weight. Gas-powered trimmers are best suited for larger jobs and appear to be the most efficient option.
Electric string trimmers: For smaller jobs or those that are closer to home (and therefore outlet), electric string trimmers are a good option. It offers a reasonable amount of power and can perform the most basic jobs in the household. As long as you’re plugged into the socket, electrical string trimmers will run as long as you need them. The disadvantage is that the length of the corded is constricted to its limited use of the provided context.
Battery-operated string trimmers: It offers the best of both gas and electric string trimmers. You have the versatility of a gas-powered vehicle with the advantage that you do not have to mix the fuel for the engine. Battery powered string trimmers tend to have less strength than gas-powered trimmers.


1. How to Use a String Trimmer?

Ans: The first thing you need to remember is the style of your weed trimmer. While there are some trimmers with a curved shaft, you will find that the models included in the top list present in the market are mostly straight-shaft equipment.
The next thing to be considered is the spin direction of your trimmer. As it cuts, the trimmer needs to remove debris from its cutting path.

2. How Does a String Trimmer work?

Ans: They function with a string made of a flexible monofilament that spins at such a high velocity that it becomes rigid enough to hack through weeds and grass.
This motion makes this machine somewhat similar to a compact version of a rotary lawn mower because it uses a horizontal rotating action to slice through grass blades and weed patches.

3. Which one is better? Straight or curved trimmer?

Ans: The only difference here is the shaft. The curved trimmer has a slight curve at the end, while the straight trimmer strings are more extended and entirely straight.
For the best corded string trimmer, the curved trimmer is ideal for small to medium yards and is not intended for commercial use. It’s going to get the job done, and it’s lighter with a better balance.

4. What is the benefit of a curved shaft trimmer?

Ans: Sometimes slightly lighter in weight than a straight trimmer, because of the curve, the shaft is also slightly shorter. It gives users more power, but not as much versatility of use; straight trimmers usually allow you to trim in tight places that the curved shaft has trouble reaching.

5. How to Store Your String Trimmer?

Ans: The first thing you need to do is either run the machine until the gas tank is empty and dies on its own. First, you need to clean the fuel tank with a metal brush and a rag. When your container is clean, you should remove the fuel filter at the end of the fuel line.
Once your tank is fresh, you can change the fuel filter at the end of the fuel line. Then you just have to clean the rest of your machine. Use your brush or rag to wipe off any debris or grass clippings from the cutting head, air vents, and air filter cover.


When considering the size of your yard, your budget, and how much workload you’re going to put on your trimmer, you will be able to find a model that you consider as the best corded string trimmer. Professionals and body fit experts cannot go wrong with a gas string trimmer with a reasonable cutting distance. Make sure you’re safe when you operate your chosen trimmer.

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