Best Backpack Sprayer | Top Picks and Reviews for 2020

Best Backpack Sprayer
Do you love your plants? But you are tensed about the threats from pests and weeds. Plants are also living things in the same way as us, and they also find it toxic to live in an unhealthy environment. It doesn’t matter if you grow plants like a professional or just as a recreational activity, you have to make sure that the place in which plants grow is safe and non-toxic for them.
The first step to create a safe environment for them is to buy a backpack sprayer. A Backpack sprayer is a handy tool to distribute the regular amount of weed and pest killing solutions effectively. A backpack sprayer is a must to have if you are a plant lover. But whenever you think of actually buying one, a question appears on your head “which backpack sprayer to buy”? To make this easier, I will write a review down below in full details of the top 5 best backpack sprayers for you.

Why should you buy a backpack sprayer?

backpack sprayer

A tool with multiple uses:

It has various uses like treating a specific plant or just a smaller area in the garden. That’s not it; you can also utilize it for spraying weeds at particular points.

Useful for small operations:

A backpack sprayer is a handy tool for completing small operations of the garden; hence it will make your life easier and less tiring by finishing small operations without much hassle.

Easy to carry around:

Backpack sprayers can easily reach small and tiny corners of your garden where even your hands will find it difficult to reach and give pesticides.

Rough Terrain:

It isn’t that easy to work when you have rough and difficult terrains. We all are associated with the challenges due to steep terrain. To treat these areas in a time-saving way is to use a backpack sprayer.
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Best Backpack Sprayers Reviewed!

If you love gardening, a backpack sprayer is a must-have device. Your job will be much more comfortable while using this tool. Down below, I will be reviewing the top Five backpack sprayers for you. This review article will help you in choosing the best backpack sprayer for you.
Field King Professional  Sprayer
One of the most recommended backpack sprayers by the users. The field king professional comes with a large 4-gallon tank and is a beautifully designed backpack sprayer. This backpack sprayer will further ensure no leaking of chemicals that will make sure to keep your back and clothes dry.

Price and dimension:

You can find this back sprayer for around 72 dollars. The Field king 190328 comes in a size of 15 x 22.5 x 9.5 inches with a weight of 12.8 pounds.


Built-in paddles: It comes with a factory-built agitator that can easily handle liquids, powders, and any water-soluble solutions. The integrated paddles which get activated while pumping, keep everything mixed, and always ready to spray.
Multiple nozzle use: You can use this backpack sprayer with four different types of the nozzle that come with this backpack sprayer. The vents include an adjustable brass nozzle, two flat fan nozzles, and the unique foaming nozzle.
The powerful internal pressure chamber: This pressure chamber can reach pressure up to 150 PSI, which is much more than traditional diaphragm pump backpacks.
Large filtration basket: The opening of the tank is large but comes with an excellent filtration basket that keeps large dust particles out of the tank.
Seals and gaskets: This backpack sprayer comes with Viton Seals, which ensures maximum resistance from chemicals.
Both left and right-hand operation: The field king Professional has a unique feature; the reversible pump handle for both right and left-hand usage.
Strong bolts: The bolts are threaded to provide stronger handling, which is more secure than the traditional cotter pin.
Field KIng
The field king max is out in the market now for very long. The field king max is an upgraded version of the field king pro and provided many new developed features. This backpack sprayer works like both piston and diaphragm backpack sprayer. This backpack sprayer will require very little maintenance since the seals can be changed within a couple of minutes or so without the use of any external tool.

Price and dimension:

The dimension of the field king max is 15 x 22.5 x 9.5 inches, with a weight of 12.8 pounds. This is available in the market for around 80 dollars.


 Larger harness with foldable handle: The field king max comes with breathable, padded nylon harness. This also includes adjustable chest clip and lumbar support. These extra support features will enable the sprayer to stay in place without much shaking and stay at a consistent level. The handle of the pump can be folded so it can be easily stored.
Strong and durable handle: The handle comes with a threaded bolt feature. So, the handle is firmly attached. Hence it is going to be much more durable than traditional cotter pins.
Unique internal pump: This internal pump will do the work of both diaphragm and piston backpack sprayers but will still manage to keep your back dry due to the internal no leakage feature. In addition, the pressure will reach around 150 PSI, and spray will reach up to 30 feet.
Pre-installed agitator: It comes with internal paddles. The paddles will get activated due to pump-action and keep all the soluble inside mixed, so they are ready to be sprayed.
Easy repair: The pump used in the field king max is a patented design by the field king. This pump is very durable and requires less maintenance, which can be repaired without tools.
4 gallon battery powered Backpack spryer
The M4 MY4SONS battery powered a backpack sprayer is a powerful tool for your gardening. You don’t have to pump continuously; the battery will do the work for you. It comes with great battery life, along with excellent performance.

Price and dimension:

The M4 MY4Sons backpack sprayer comes in a cost of around 197 dollars with dimensions of 23 x 8 x 16 inches along with a weight of 13 pounds.


No Manual pumping: You can easily spray for 6-8 hours or 200 gallons of water on a single battery charge. Charge it for just one time, and you can work for a whole day without much tension.
Variable pressure switch: This backpack sprayer comes with a variable pressure switch. So you can control the pressure in a range of 20-60 PSI.
Powerful charger: Powered by an 8AH lead-acid battery. This battery has a much higher life expectancy than regular lithium-ion batteries. It takes only 8 hours to charge the battery fully.
Good quality wand: This backpack sprayer will come with an adjustable stainless steel wand and also a plastic acid bleach wand. This backpack sprayer is an allrounder device that will fulfill all your spraying needs due to all the different types of features it provides.
Multiple accessories: The M4 backpack sprayer includes many different types of nozzles, cons fog tips, and many more. You can modify and use it according to your needs.
Comfortable design: The shoulder pads in this backpack sprayer are very thick, which provides ultra comfort. It will also contain pockets for wands and different accessories.
roundup backpack sprayer
The roundup 190314 backpack sprayer is an excellent all-purpose backpack sprayer for daily usage. And more shockingly, it comes at a really low affordable price. This unit is one of the best choices for garden fertilizers and pesticides, cleaning, and much more.

Price and dimension:

The Roundup 190314 backpack sprayer is available only for around 50 dollars. This backpack sprayer has a dimension of 9 x 15 x 22 inches with a weight of 10 pounds only.


Lightweight: Since you will be carrying this on your back, a low weight always helps. The Roundup backpack Sprayer comes at a very low weight of only 10 pounds. You never have to worry about back pains while working with this. 
Mighty power: This backpack sprayer has a very high performance; it can spray with a pressure of 90 PSI.
Long wand with shut off: The Roundup backpack sprayer will come with a 21 inches long poly wand. This wand will serve you as long as this machine will help. This wand is heavy-duty and is rust and corrosion-resistant. The poly wand provides a comfort grip, inline filter, and a lock for continuous spraying with a shut-off feature.
Adjustable straps: The shoulder pads are extra padded for more comfort, which can be adjusted according to your height, and it also comes with built-in lumbar support and waist belts.
Carry handle: The Roundup backpack Sprayer has an integrated carry handle, which is pretty helpful to carry it around places.
Inclusion of nozzles: You will get three different types of nozzles with this backpack sprayer. High volume and low volume fan and also a poly adjustable.
The Chapin 61900 backpack sprayer is a very useful and handy tool when it comes to gardening. Even though the name says professional, this backpack sprayer is ideal for home use, too, if you take gardening as a hobby. The Chapin backpack sprayer is a uniquely built backpack sprayer that features a 3-stage filtration system along with many other features that cannot be found in any other models.

Price and dimension:

The Chapin 61900 backpack sprayer is readily available in the market for around 95 dollars. It is a compactly build device with dimensions of 12 x 7 x 7 inches and a weight of 9.26 pounds.


Pressure indicator with shut-off: The Chapin backpack sprayer offers professional shut-off, which can be serviced. In addition, there will also be a pressure gauge through which you can monitor the pressure.
Large filter basket: It offers a very good filter basket which ensures 3 stage filtration system to prevent the machine from clogging and external debris to enter inside.
Comfortable shoulder straps: The shoulder straps of this backpack sprayer are padded for more comfort, and additionally, you will also get lumbar support. The lumbar support will reduce any pain or fatigue in your back while working for long.
Built with CF valve: A CF valve is always useful to ensure consistent flow while you are spraying. This will also ensure that the unit doesn’t turn off while spraying.

Things to consider before buying a backpack sprayer:

Since you will be buying a backpack sprayer for your daily use, there are few things that you must look after before deciding on which backpack sprayer to go with. Down below, I will be discussing many of these crucial factors that will play a key role in choosing the best backpack sprayer for yourself.

Type of Backpack Sprayer (motorized or manual):

If you are going to use the backpack sprayer for treating small areas and new infestations, then manual sprayers are the right option for you. You must always look for a backpack sprayer that is flexible in switching between right hand and left-hand switching.
When you are working with much larger areas, and you do gardening professionally, then you have to choose motorized or battery-powered sprayers. Battery power is helpful since you don’t have to pump the handle for maintaining pressure continuously. There are few things you must keep in mind before going for motorized sprayers that these motorized sprayers are much more expensive, much more substantial in weight, and will require more maintenance.
Before buying a motorized backpack sprayer, you must fully check that the battery is fully adaptable to both low and high power outputs. Moreover, the battery must provide at least 3-5 hours of a lifetime on a single charge.

Basic use:

Ask yourself this question, what is going to be the primary use of your backpack sprayer? If you are going to use the backpack sprayer for mainly oil-based carriers, then you have to use spray seals, pumps, and hoses that are oil resistive.
So a good backpack sprayer needs the capability to be durable with handling multiple applications using the same equipment.

Spray wand:

A good backpack sprayer always comes with a quality wand. A good quality wand is less likely to get leaks, and this will also provide the user with more comfort. So while choosing the backpack sprayer, always go for wands that accepts TeeJet nozzles and caps. You will have a huge variety of options to choose from industrial grade tips, and these tips are readily available to the local suppliers.

Choosing the Pump:

Backpack sprayers often come with two types of pumps, either piston or diaphragm. You can go for a piston pump at a much lesser price than diaphragm pumps, but this pump is not very suitable for all types of herbicides.
They will get worn out quickly if you are using dry-flowable or any other dry herbicide solutions. So, it is better to go out for a diaphragm pump because of their easy use and low maintenance. This pump is suitable for use with any type of herbicides.

Safety and comfort:

Since you will be using a backpack sprayer on a daily basis, you must look after the comfort issue. The size of the full-size pump and the grip of the spray wand will help reduce user fatigue. In addition, adjustable and chemical resistant padded straps will provide a more comfortable fit.
Sometimes the harness of the backpack sprayer will not be adjustable or of good quality; do not worry; you can always buy them separately.
To prevent swelling and softening, which causes leakage and breakdown of the pump, you must look for Viton type rubber seals.


Most of the Good quality backpack sprayer is composed of high-density polyethylene along with UV protection. Make sure to always choose the hoses and seals and other accessories in such a way that they are compatible with the herbicides and solutions you will be using. The most important factor is that spare repair parts should be easily available in the market.

Frequently asked questions and answers

1. What is the maximum spray height of a backpack sprayer?

The exact answer to this question cannot be given because the height and distance of the spray will depend on the type of product you are using. If you are using a manual spray, it will be very difficult to maintain the spraying distance and pressure at sound levels, unlike the battery-powered backpack sprayers. 
Manual backpack sprayers usually reach a distance of around 10-20 feet. There are other more powerful tools that can reach up to 30-40 feet.

2. How can I calibrate a backpack sprayer?

If you are using a manually operated sprayer, you can calibrate it in different ways. You first have to measure and mark an area of approximately 1000 square feet.
Secondly, clean and rinse the sprayer properly and spray the area and measure the total amount of water left in the tank. The difference between the water in the tank before and after spraying is the number of solutions you will need to spray in 1000 square feet of land.

3. Should I buy a piston pump or a diaphragm pump?

The answer depends on what you are going to use the backpack sprayer for. if you are going to spray down, like smaller trees and plants, a piston pump is going to be just fine. However, if you wish to use it for larger trees, then you have to buy the diaphragm pump; this will have much more pressure.

4. Is it advisable to use both weed killer and insecticide in the same sprayer?

 According to paper, you can use both weed killer and insecticide together, but in reality, it is not advisable to use both of these chemical compounds together because this may be risky to your plants.

5. How to prevent drift while spraying?

Since you are dealing with toxic chemicals, it is always advisable to read the instructions from the manufacturers. Do not use them in windy conditions. You can use them in the early morning or even at dusk for the best ultimate results.

6. How durable is the plastic material?

Most of the good quality backpack sprayers are made of high-density polyethylene, which is a very durable material, and moreover, they are also built with ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent the container from sunlight. So you can be assured that even if they are made of plastic, they will serve you long.


If you reached this far of the article, then you surely love gardening. It can be a tiring work to shop for the best gardening tools. The market is overwhelming with different models and designs of the product. All these products guarantee the same thing. So, it is not wrong to get confused. The sole objective of this article was to make this buying journey much easier for you. Here we compared 5 of the best backpack sprayers according to us. If you read this article in full detail, you do not have to search the internet or visit the market for more products. I have broken each and every small detail of the five best backpack sprayers in this article. Now you can easily choose the best backpack sprayer for you, which ticks all your requirements.

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